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Supporting Novilar on Patreon gives players the ability to pick up exclusive, hard-to-get items. 

Patreon Tiers

If you are a new Patreon, please send us a message with your Novilar username and player ID number so that we can link your Novilar account to your Patreon Tier to ensure prompt delivery of your rewards. Players will receive all new item(s) within 2-5 days of the released Treasure Chest, after the payment has been processed. 

Become a Patreon here!

Gold Tier - You receive this month's Patreon-exclusive item(s)! ($5)
Crystal Tier - You receive this month's Patreon-exclusive item(s), and can choose between receiving one extra set of newly released item(s) OR a custom pet skin on any of the ten pet bases. ($15)
Key to the Kingdom - You receive two copies of this month's Patreon-exclusive item, PLUS one basic or deluxe pet skin drawn by official Novilar artists! ($25)

Current Patreons

Thank you for supporting Novilar! In thanks, staff will create one new exclusive Item every month and deliver it directly to all current Patreons. This item could be one of the following:

Pet skin (on a random pet species base)
Pet apparel
Human Avatar apparel

The skin will always be unique, but the minipet, pet apparel, or human apparel selections might be a recolor or lineart edit of a pre-existing piece somewhere on site. We always do our best to make sure that it's something desireable that many players will enjoy! That way even if one particular month's item is not your cup of tea, it will retain a high resale value within the community.

Treasure Chest

There are two Chests located in the bank (The Premium Chest and the golden Patreon Chest). The Patreon Chest can be unlocked using a Patreon Key to receive one randomly selected retired Patreon item! The item that drops from the chest changes each month. The Patreon Key can be picked up in the Crystal Exchange.

Further Explanation: Each month, the NEW Patreon item(s) are "retired" into the pool of possible Patreon Chest items for future Treasure Chest drops. Current Patreon supporters do not need to use the chest to get their new item - they receive every month's new Patreon item as it is released, delivered directly to their account. However, anyone can use a Patreon Key to unlock the Patreon Chest (limited to one use per month). Once you open the chest, you will receive one item out of a pool of "retired" Patreon items from the past. The item that will drop from the Patreon Chest is randomly set each month by Staff, so if you hear a friend received a particular item from the Chest this month, you are guaranteed to receive that very same item if you choose to open the chest during the same month. 

Platinum Patreon Key

Don't want to wait around for your favorite retired Patreon item to appear in the Treasure Chest? You're in luck! This extra-special Platinum Patreon Key allows you to choose which one of the Patreon Items you would like to receive - anything on this list is fair game! This key can be purchased from the Crystal Exchange. 

In order to use this item, please gift your key to runeowl (#2) along with a PM with which item you would like to receive. Your shiny new item will then be delivered to your inventory within approximately 24 hours.