Releasing (or Selling) Your Pet


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Releasing (or Selling) Your Pet

Releasing your pet

Releasing a pet into the wild deletes it from the server forever! This means that they will no longer appear in Lineages or search results.
You will receive a randomized amount of gold coins for each pet you release. You can only release adult pets.

Selling your pet

You can use the "Edit Pet" link from your Territory page to put any pet up for sale. When putting a pet up for sale, they can be purchased by any player with the funds to do so immediately. Sale prices are currently only listed in Gold Coins. Once your pet has been sold, you no longer own any rights to that pet and have no control over what its new owner does with it, so please choose this option carefully. Private sales and breeding arrangements between players are permitted, but are not secured or insured by the administration, so handle with care. Any apparel, skins, or minipets equipped to a pet at the time of the sale will remain equipped to that pet when it is sold, transferring with it to its new owner.

Pets for sale can be searched for using the Pet Classifieds