Black Friday Deals


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Black Friday Deals

Black Friday


We will be offering these exclusive deals over the Black Friday weekend!
(November 25th, 26th, and 27th)
  • All species' Mythic Totems will temporarily stock in the Festival Stall 
  • Gold Premium Cards will be listed at a 5 crystal discount
  • With every purchase of the 50 crystal package, you will receive one FREE Premium Card
  • With every purchase of the 100 crystals package, you may choose one FREE retired patreon item. See the list of all Patreon Items here
We will also be releasing a series of extremely limited Design Tickets in the Crystal Exchange.

Item Ticket (5 crystals - 10 available) // This ticket allows you to commission one custom consumable or resource item from official site artists. You may choose to A. request an exclusive, personal item and receive 10 copies of the item (the only ten that will ever exist on-site) or B. designate it as a site-wide item and choose how other players are able to get the item (craftable, shop item, festival exclusive, etc). This allows you the unique opportunity to leave your mark in ever-growing world of Novilar! Items cannot be designed to have a function beyond food points (you could not, for example, create a new breeding potion). You will receive a mention in the item’s tooltip.

Skin Ticket
(20 crystals - 5 available) // This ticket allows you one new, custom pet skin from site artists. Your skin will be uploaded for you (no fee) and can be added to your Skins Gallery as well, so that you can create reprints of the skin if desired. You will receive one free copy of your skin and a mention in the tooltip. 

Apparel Ticket
(40 crystals - 3 available) // Allows you to commission one piece of Human Avatar Apparel from official site artists. Must follow all site rules. You will receive two free copies of the item, and it will be added to the site as an achievable item for other players (via crafting, HA apparel shop, etc). You will receive a mention in the item’s tooltip. 

Legendary Ticket
(70 crystals - 1 available) // This ticket allows you one custom pet commission from the official pet and minipet artist. You can request original art of an OC or other unique pet or creature, and it will be painted and uploaded for you (no fee) as a custom pet on-site. Single character, fullbody and full color, with the optional use of any official site backgrounds. 


Q: How do I get my Black Friday Bonus Item(s)? 
A: The process is not automatic, so please don't worry! Simply submit a ModBox Ticket and include the name that appears on your PayPal and how many crystals you purchased, and if applicable, which Patreon item(s) you would like to receive. We will deliver those rewards manually within 12 hours. 

Q: How do I turn in my Ticket for custom artwork? 
A: Please submit a ModBox Ticket (with the type of ticket you want to turn in as the subject line). Staff will talk with you about your references and requests for whichever item your ticket can be turned in for (we will provide a design sketch so that you can see what your design will look like). When you are happy with the final product, you will simply send your ticket to Admin runeowl (#2). 

Q: Can I sell or gift my Ticket? 
A: Yes, the Tickets function like any other Novilar item, and can be sold or traded.

Find these exclusive Ticket items in the Crystal Exchange shop starting on November 25th.