Guide to Pet Species


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Guide to Pet Species

Primary Pet Species

These pets can wear universal pet apparel, are sentient, and are blessed by the Guardians of Novilar with varying degrees of inherent magic. This makes them susceptible to the Corruption, and can be found in the wilds in their Corrupt form. 

Created and blessed by the Alligator Guardian, these scaly creatures live primarily in the River region. They are stronger even than the alligators known from the Old World, and are more readily able to lift their bodies off the ground and walk while on land. 

Created and blessed by the Bear Guardian, the bears of Novilar have been known to adapt even away from their home Tundra region. They have varying thickness of coats in a variety of colors, which makes life easier in warmer climates. A bit of honey will always make a friend of a bear! 

Created and blessed by the Otter Guardian. The otters of Novilar are large Sea Otters, and can hold their breaths for shockingly long amounts of time, leading them to explore further into the Ocean region than any other species. 

Created and blessed by the Horse Guardian, the horses of Novilar roam the rolling hills of the Grasslands in sheer joy. When a member of a wild herd begins to become corrupted, the herd abandons it immediately, and may come to their own Guardian for aide, in the hopes of recovering their lost friend or family member. The Horse Guardian does what she can to honor these requests, and the horses adore her for it. 

Created and blessed by the Snake Guardian, the snakes of Novilar are rather one of the more misunderstood species, shunned by some of the newcomers. Undeterred, they have proven time and time again what assets they can be as a companion species, and as such have learned more general skills than most of the other species. One of these is a deep understanding of spoken languages, so watch what you say around your snake. 

Created and blessed by the Eagle Guardian, the eagles of Novilar are capable of extremely prolonged flight, even when carrying additional weight. They have been known to serve as delivery carriers on occasion, but are simply too proud to serve as such for anything they don't deem worthwhile enough. They are known to be headstrong and utterly fearless.

Created and blessed by the Deer Guardian. These are one of the few sexually dimorphic species, with males bearing antlers and females without, though there have been exceptions to the rule! The deer of Novilar are large and sturdy, most similar to the Old World elk. 

Created and blessed by the Lion Guardian, prides of lions can be found roaming the Savannah of Novilar, with some straying into other territories. They have a poor reputation from their Guardian, who can be lazy, but truly work hard as individuals to pick up the slack lets in his wake. They have collectively gotten through many a situation with solemn determination, and a surprising amount of teamwork. 

Created and blessed by the Wolf Guardian. The wolves of Novilar brave a range of habitats, from the pleasant lower hills of the Mountains all the way up to the harshest snowy peaks. Survival, as they all know, is a group effort, and no one is left out in the snow to fend for themselves. A wolf serves as a companion for life. 

Created and blessed by the Fox Guardian. The foxes of Novilar are often loners, or reside in small family groups. They thrive in the Desert that others avoid, and make a life where others say there is none. Hardy and steadfast, a fox will always be willing to logic its way through a situation, no matter how dire. 

Secondary Pet Species

Some of these seem to have originated on the other side of the Portal, crossing accidentally on occasion only to have remained, feral, once in Novilar. They do not have the Guardian's inherent magic, and cannot be corrupted. They normally refuse to wear clothing/apparel, tearing it apart unless it was made specifically for their species (much to Claire's dismay). They can usually be found living quietly in one region of Novilar, under the blanket protection of its regional Guardian. 

Cat was discovered by Deer in the Forest region, and was blessed with official Markings so that it could breed with the other species.