Year Two


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Year Two

Month of the Eagle 2017


The new year brought forward an enthusiastic Eagle celebration! The Eagle's Nest Event gave out unique new Eggs for people to hatch while exploring. These hatched into three different Phoenix minipets, much to everyone's delight. New apparel for both HAs and pets were also released. 

Exclusive Items: Harmonic Egg, Glacial Egg, Flame Egg

Month of the Deer 2017


This Festival of the Deer saw the release of the long-awaited Cat Species! Deer introduced these new pets as being a new resident of his Forest, and can now be created with basic and mythic totems. New apparel for the cats was also released, and a monthly Skin of the Month Contest began. 

Exclusive Items: none
Skin of the Month: Creeping Vines Skin by Xanthius

Month of the Horse 2017


The Horse Festival saw a large influx of new pet apparel for horses! A series of tack was released into the various shops, as well as some matching equestrian human avatar apparel. A new "Meadow" Scene was also released, and will come and go from the Crystal Exchange alongside the Mythic Horse Totem. 

Exclusive Items: none
Skin of the Month: Bengal Cat Skin by Yuu

Month of the Life Raven 2017


The Life Festival started off with a bang by releasing the long-awaited Explore Overhaul. Bunnies then hopped all across Novilar! This particular minipet species seemed to have experienced a population boom. The rabbits that were once only native to the Grasslands had magically adapted to Novilar's various environments, and seemed to be hopping all over the place, leaving curiously painted eggs in their wake. There was also new universal pet apparel to be found in the Festival Stall.

Exclusive Items: Googly Eyes, Aquatic Bun, Desert Bun, Forest Bun, Jungle Bun, River Bun, Savannah Bun, Snow Bun, Winged Bun, Elegant Egg, Pastel Egg, Polka Dot Egg, Lace Egg, Floral Egg, Rainbow Egg, Cloudy Egg, Painted Egg

Skin of the Month: Glorified Wolf Skin by comedic

Month of the Otter 2017


This month, everyone took to the waves and enjoyed some new option steps and apparel options for the Ocean region! 

Exclusive Items: Octopus Plushie
Skin of the Month: Shark Otter Skin by Jambomaya

Month of the Lion 2017


Novilar celebrated Lion's domain with even more Option Steps, apparel, and minipets themed around the majestic Savannah! 

Exclusive Items: none
Skin of the Month: Celestial Haetae by MasterDaye