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Pet: Buttons the Otter
Guardian: Otter
Profession: Apprentice Tailor
Shop: Head to Tail
Age: 13
Though she is the youngest shopkeeper by far, Claire handles the responsibility well. She's learning to be a Tailor under her father Cecil. She loves visiting with the other shopkeepers in town, especially Allen, who slips her baked treats throughout the day. Despite her freedoms and responsibilities, she is still a child, and prone to get into mischief if she's left alone for too long.


Pet: none
Guardian: Fox
Profession: Shopkeeper 
Shop: Simple Delights
Age: 20's
Allen is playful and rather mischievous, helping Claire get into more antics than she would have on her own. He isn't actually the Chef, rather, he maintains the shopfront for customers as an informal waiter. 


Pet: Bones the female Bearded Vulture
Guardian: Eagle
Profession: Artisan (retired Adventurer)
Shop: Skins and Bones
Age: 20's
Tristan fancies himself a storyteller, and will go on about his 'adventures' to anyone who will listen. One of his favorite introductory tales is to proclaim that he was an Adventurer until he took an arrow to the knee, and laugh when they inquire further or express concern. No one seemed to take him seriously as an Adventurer, considering his inclination for exaggerated tales, so he's made his living instead as an in-town Artisan.


Pet: Tiamat the female Snake 
Guardian: Snake
Profession: Master Alchemist
Shop: Bubbling Brews
Age: 20's
Kael is blind in his burned eye, and doesn't like to talk about it. To be fair, he doesn't like to talk about much outside of Alchemy, and you'd be hard-pressed to find him in a good mood on any given day. A lesser scowl may be good as a smile, when it comes to Kael. The only person he seems friendly towards is Tristan, who still appears to embarrass him in public. Kael and Tristan invented Dyes as a collaborative project. 


Pet: Lysander the male Lion
Guardian: Lion
Profession: Master Mage
Shop: The Bank
Age: 30's
Anise has a stern demeanor, and won't tolerate nonsense – which means she's not particularly fond of Claire or Tristan. She also has a rather dark sense of humor, which has led to rumors of her feeding would-be robbers of the bank to Lysander. She enjoys these rumors very much, as it aids in her fierce reputation.


Pet: Lei Lei the female Deer 
Guardian: Deer
Profession: Shopkeeper 
Shop: Festival Stall
Age: 30's
Sofina is loved by humans, animals, and the Guardians alike. She works hard to make sure everyone feels included, and can always manage to make someone's bad day just a little bit better. She considers herself something of a Town Mother. 


Pet: none
Guardian: none
Profession: Master Tailor
Shop: Magnifique Boutique
Age: 40's
Cecil is Claire's father, and followed her across the Portal when she was originally summoned by Otter. He's not so sure about all of this magic and animal nonsense... but it obviously makes Claire happy, so he's along for the ride. He tries his best to be a good father, and get along with the others in town. Anise's lion makes him a bit nervous, and he's asked Claire to not go to the Bank without him. 


Pet: Dzu-teh the male Bear
Guardian: Bear
Profession: Shopkeeper
Shop: General Store
Age: 40's
Martin is a hardworking and down-to-earth man. Because he's always willing to lend a hand, and sports a cheerful and generous attitude, he is a steady favorite among the other shopkeepers. 

The Shaman

Pet: none
Guardian: unknown
Profession: Shopkeeper
Shop: Crystal Exchange
Age: unknown
There is very little actually known about the Shaman, including his name. He only speaks in short sentences, often about the Ravens or a simple shop transaction, and rarely answers direct questions. He has been here for as long as anyone can remember. What does he look like under that mask...?