Corrupt Pet Encounters


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Corrupt Pet Encounters

Corrupt Pet Encounter

When exploring in any of the ten regions of Novilar, you will occasionally stumble upon a Corrupt Pet from that region. Each region has a specific pet species that only appears in that area (corrupted deer, for example, will appear in the Forest region). You then have two options: Purify or Flee.


Fleeing, or running away, simply ends the encounter and allows you to continue exploring uninterrupted. Fleeing has a 100% success rate and no negative consequences.

Purifying is an attempt to purify away the Corruption and capture the now-normal creature as a new pet. Wild corrupt pets can be found with common and uncommon markings is a large variety of colors! If sucessful, you will have a new "normal" pet of that species in your territory. It even keeps its level and stats, giving you the chance to gain a higher-leveled pet without training it up. If you do not have enough room in your lair for more pets, and purify a new one anyway, your territory will temporarily over-fill until you get more pet slots. 

Want to see what the pet would look like underneath the corruption before you use your valuable potions on it? Try using the Purification Scope! Once you have one in your inventory (they can be purchased from the Crystal Exchange), they can be used in combination with a Purified Crystal (craftable from a Corrupt Crystal) to see what the pet will look like if you purify it successfully. 

PLEASE NOTE: Doing anything else in Novilar in a different tab during an encounter (such as buying more potions or posting on the forums) will automatically end that encounter, even if you have already started trying to purify the pet. This means you have to see each encounter through to the end without switching tabs. The corrupt creatures won't wait around forever!