Gathering Gold and Items


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Gathering Gold and Items

Gathering for Wealth

Exploring in your favorite region of Novilar is the best way to regularly gather items and gold. All players start with 100 steps a day. Steps only deplete if you use them while exploring, and will automatically refresh 1 step every 5 minutes. Players can earn well over 5,000 gold coins a day by using their explore steps regularly, plus a large variety of useful resources and items!

What should I do with these items?

Use resource items in many different crafting recipes, sell them to other players in your USer Shop, or hold onto them for later! Seemingly unwanted or "useless" items found while exploring often come up at some point during a Guardian's miniquest. You never know what items a Guardian might ask for, so having a variety of resources on hand is often to your benefit. Choose "Summon the Guardian" from any Altar in order to begin a Guardian's Miniquest.