Year One


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Year One

Month of the Gator 2016


This month saw a large influx of new citizens to Novilar! The Guardians opened the portals, and begun summoning more people than ever before to assist in battling the Corruption. Novilar transitioned to Open Beta, and welcomed new players during Open Registration. The Alligator Guardian was all but forgotten this month due to the influx of new faces, but he didn't seem to mind too much. 

Exclusive Items: none

Month of the Death Raven 2016


This was the first public Death Raven's Festival in Novilar history! The community gathered together to light candles and celebrate the Raven together. Martin was not the people's favorite shopkeeper this month, due to his rather limited stock of candles. But everyone came together to help each other out, and Cecil went out of his way to make some delightful witch costumes for everyone! 

There were three community contests, which saw a number of stunning entries: the Haiku Contest, the Pet Contest, and the Pumpkin Carving Contest. Death Totems, Paintspill Dyes, and Warpaint Dyes were also released for the first time. 

Exclusive Icons: Corrupt Deer Icon, Haunted Skull Icon, and Grinning Pumpkin Icon 
Exclusive Vistas: Haunted Vista, Twilight Vista, and Graveyard Vista
Exclusive Items: Ancient Skull, Ominous Skull, Witch Cat, Vampire Doe

Month of the Wolf 2016

This was a great month for Hunters! Wolf called everyone together and hosted a unique Wolf's Minipet Quest event. Dutiful participants turned in their minipets to her in exchange for some few exclusive rewards. Two of the top players even earned a rare Wolf's Honor Trophy for participating in the event. Novilar's first Black Friday Sale also occurred, and saw the release of rare Design Tickets. 

Exclusive Icons: Timber Pup Icon 
Exclusive Vistas: Sunset Mountain Vista
Exclusive Items: Timber Wolf Pup, Merle Wolf Skin

Month of the Bear 2016


December was a festive time for everyone! Bear surprised everyone with an Advent Calendar event, where he gave away daily gifts under an enchanted tree. Snowmen were being built everywhere you looked, and snow fell across much of Novilar, blanketing pets in festive flurries and snow drifts. 

Exclusive Items: The Winterborn Skin collection