Regions of Novilar


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Regions of Novilar


There are ten regions of Novilar for players to explore, each ruled over by one of the Guardians. 

Rivers, ruled by Alligator 
Forest, ruled by Deer 
Tundra, ruled by Bear 
Savannah, ruled by Lion 
Skies, ruled by Eagle 
Ocean, ruled by Otter 
Jungle, ruled by Snake 
Grasslands, ruled by Horse 
Desert, ruled by Fox 
Mountains, ruled by Wolf 


Each of these is host to a variety of native wildlife (Minipets), unique items to discover, and hidden caches of gold coins. Each region, in addition, has a region-exclusive minipet! These can only be found while exploring if you chose that region's Guardian, or if you are of the Hunter profession. A list of the region-exclusive minipets is below for your convenience. 

Spotted Llama - Mountains 
Bison - Grasslands
Giraffe - Savannah
Gyrfalcon - Skies
Sea Nettle - Ocean
Swan - Rivers
Toucan - Jungle
Camel - Desert
Puffin - Tundra
Raccoon - Forest