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Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to all

The winners for the March forum contests have all been announced and prizes awarded.

Congratulations to all our winners!

New contests for April will be announced in the coming week.

Release Price Bug Fixed

We've done it again!

There was a bug going around that increased the base prices of the pets released, we apologize to anyone inconvenienced, but that bug was fixed. The rates going forward are as follows:


Adult pets unaffected by the Species and Marking bonuses will net you between 1,000 and 3,000 coins per release.

Baby pets unaffected by the Species and Marking bonuses will net you 500 coins.


Thank you all for your time and patience with the bugs going around.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Reminder for Player Conduct

Be kind to each other, and if you can't manage that, at least be civil.

It has come to our attention that some players have been confronting others regarding pets that have been released after purchase. This is not okay.

Once a pet leaves your territory, you no longer have any control over it. The new owner can do anything they want with the pet (within the rules of Novilar), including releasing it right away. If you wish for players to refrain from buying your pets and releasing them, it is recommended you sell them at a price point higher than the payouts from release; you can also exclusively use the Pet Sales and Trade section of the forums for selling pets, though this only allows you to inform potential buyers of your preferences. Neither of these sale options guarantee your pets won't be released after they are bought.

Confronting other players for what they do with pets is not acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. You are no longer the owner of the pet and have no right to comment on what is done with the pet at that point, even if they choose to release the pet. Anyone caught confronting others will be dealt with by staff and punished accordingly.

If someone is breaking site rules in any form, submit a ticket via the Modbox and staff will look at the situation. Do not confront players who you think are breaking rules.

Thank you.

- Novilar Staff

Increased Yields in Openables (Updated)

No need to wait for April -- enjoy showers of items now!

Many openable items will now give you more stuff! This change is already live and working, so head on down to your Consumables inventory tab and start opening things for more fun! :D

The following items have been adjusted:

Bag of Coins: gives between 1500-3000 gold (previously 1000-2000) *
Cache of Items: gives 8 items (previously 1-4) *
Chest of Apparel: gives 6 items (previously 4)
Chest of Food: gives 30 items (previously 8-12) *
Chest of Resources: gives 30 items (previously 8-12) *

EDIT: The issue with the items not always giving out the right number of goods has now been fixed

New Monthly Contests

Let's celebrate spring with some fun and prizes!

March is here and so are three awesome new contests for everyone to enter! These contests will run on a regular basis, with a new fun theme each month.

If you enjoy dressing up your avatar or your pets, check out our Fashion Shows for your chance at some cool Crystal prizes. If you enjoy art or making skins for your pets, try out the Skin Artistry competition for a chance at even bigger prizes, including seeing your skin become a Novilar-official item!

Interested in participating? Visit the forums for everything you need to know!:
Avatar Fashion Show,
Pet Fashion Show,
Skin Artistry Contest!

All contests for this month have a deadline of 11:59:59pm Novilar Time on March 24th, 2020.

Raffle Winner!

Mythic Cat Totem Contest

Congratulations to our raffle winner Salazzle who has won the Mythic Cat Totem! 

We would like to thank all of those who had participated and wish you all luck in future raffles. :) 

An Update to Exploring

another thing that will make life easier

When exploring, players no longer need to click on an item they encounter to collect it. 

This change has been put in place to make things a little less tedious when adventuring around Novilar.

Happy hunting!

An update to step regeneration!

Apparently today is the day for updates :P

Regular players now get 3 step regeneration per 5 minutes, those players who have professions that increase step regeneration still get a +1 to this (4).

Subscribers now get a +4 to normal step regeneration.

It is hoped this will help keep players entertained while we work on adding more features to the site.

An update to pet naming.

Another small but significant improvement.

Pets can now have spaces and special characters in their names!

This change will hopefully make your lives easier with regards to giving your pets the fancy names they deserve!

A small but useful change to crafting

Let's hope this makes your life easier!

A subtle, yet useful change has been made to the crafting system!

When using the recipe book to craft items, you will be brought back to the page that particular recipe was on, rather than being bumped back to page one every time you craft an item. While this change is not a big one, it is hoped that it will save players a little bit of time and a lot of aggrivation.