Some site updates!

Easier exploration, and better forums.

Some site updates!

Easier exploration, and better forums.

Wanted to let the community know of a few new updates!


You will notice when exploring, instead of a simple "Explore" button, you are now given options to navigate around. This makes exploration a whole lot more engaging and fun. No one likes to just click the same button over and over. Other improvements show remaining steps as a bar called "Energy", which will be making more appearances elsewhere shortly.


When a post has been edited, it will now display a message saying it was updated and when it was updated. You can also now search topics for thread titles, instead of having to navigate page by page to find them.


Your territory got a fresh set of paint about a week ago, as did the breeding page. Enjoy!


We are constantly working hard to make this game better, and hope you all are enjoying our updates. Expect more in the future, and as always we welcome your feedback!

Poptarts (#2281)
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Thankyou for updating the forums! 

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5 months ago on April 27, 2019 21:24

AisDareth (#2307)
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THANK YOU SO MUCH for the territory/breeding page updates!! I've been MIA for a while but these look GREAT!! We appreciate you :D 

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4 months ago on May 18, 2019 13:39