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A new bright future and important updates!

Back through the Portal

A new bright future and important updates!
?Dear Novilar,

We come with some very exciting (and for us, bittersweet) news. Please read on carefully for a major update on Novilar returning to active development!

As I'm sure you remember, Miranda and I were forced to put Novilar on hiatus a couple months ago due to our rapidly decreasing free time due to real-life jobs and other obligations.

A little ways into the hiatus, we sat down and had a very serious conversation about what we could do to make sure Novilar becomes what we dreamed of, and what everyone in our beautiful little community has worked so hard together to achieve. We realized that there wasn't a foreseeable end to our newly busy schedules, and we couldn't put in the time that the site needs like we could in the beginning.

As a result, we came to the conclusion that we may not be what's best for Novilar any longer, and keeping too tight a grip on our "baby" may actually slowly destroy it. So, in an effort to do what's best for you, the community, and for Novilar's future... we are pleased to announce Novilar's new owner, Digital! We have transferred full ownership to Digital, and Novilar's future is in his capable hands from here on. We chose very deliberately among potential new owners in order to make sure Novilar was in a good position to continue development. We'll see you all around, this time as a simple founders and normal players!

With love,
Miranda and runeowl

To learn more about Digital, as well as the immediate updates, check out the thread he created: Back through the Portal.

lace (#3009)
Apprentice Tailor
Total Posts: 9
oh no!
I mean I am sure the new owner will be able to help and even maybe restore and improve the site but I am sad to see you guys have to let go of your own baby like that. we appreciate all you have done for us. please stay around ?

1 year ago on April 13, 2018 13:40

GuardianSEG (#4075)
Senior Hunter
Total Posts: 45
Oh dear. . . At least you guys don't have to close the site, you know?  Your creation has a chance to grow and develop!  Thank you for what you've created, guys.  Here's to a long (and livlier) future for the site!

1 year ago on April 13, 2018 15:30