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Explore Overhaul

The Life Festival begins with Adventure

We are proud to officially unveil the heart of the Life Festival… with the long-awaited Explore Overhaul?! Exploring has never been faster, more fun, or easier on your internet connection. With a completely re-coded system, we hope everyone enjoys the new changes, including Option Steps. These new explore events allow you to choose how you want to proceed and interact with the environment in a new way.


For the first time, you are also able to encounter Wild Cats in the Forest! Instead of being corrupted and requiring Purification Potions to cleanse and take home with you, these wild cats are simply hungry. Before venturing into explore, try stocking up on some Kibble. Kibble is both craftable and available for sale in the General Store - feed them to a wild cat for the chance to make a new friend you can take home to your territory! Mythic Kibble (sold in the Crystal Exchange) is an automatic 100%, and will guarantee the cat you're attempting to tame will make it into your territory - using the other types of kibble is a bit more of a gamble.

...and this isn’t even our final form.
With more to come throughout the month, this soft release allows everyone to get used to the new system before we release even more Life Raven festivities for everyone to enjoy. So as always, stay tuned for more!

Welcome to April

The Life Festival Rocks!

This year's prestigious Life Festival update is finally here! It's the moment you've all been waiting for. To celebrate the esteemed Life Raven, we are pleased to reveal the new (and you'll agree, quite majestic) Pet Rock Species:

We had prepared totems for everyone to create their own Pet Rocks, but unfortunately someone dropped them on the ground, and we were unable to tell which ones were Rock Totems and which ones were... well, just rocks.

While we wait for the shopkeepers to painstakingly sort through every rock around town, please enjoy the new universal Pet Rock Icon!

In order to make a Pet Rock, you must craft one by gathering supplies in Explore and/or purchasing them around Novilar. NOTE! Googly Eyes, a critical ingredient in making your Pet Rock, will be available for sale today only, after which they will be retired permanently. You can pick them from the Festival Stall. If you want to make more than one Pet Rock, you're free to stock up on Googly Eyes - Pet Rocks will be craftable even after the Googly Eyes item has been retired. 

Parade of Equine Apparel

Galloping through March

We hope everyone has been enjoying the Horse Festival! My, what a number of new options for the ponies, no? Well, we're still not done! Available starting today are ten new tack options for the Horse pet species - whether you'd like to ride in style with the Bold or Fancy sets, or prefer a more simple and modern style, we think there will be a little something for everyone. Now stocking in the Festival Stall:




Equestrian Apparel

Fine threads for the Horse Lover

The Horse Festival continues with some themed Human Avatar apparel! Now stocking in the Festival Stall, you can pick up a myriad of equine-themed clothing for your avatar. Everything from nice helmets (safety first!) to riding boots, riding jackets, and more are there for you to peruse at your leisure. 




Horse Tack and Ribbons

Trotting through March

All of the Equines in Novilar want to look their best for the Horse Festival! To celebrate, there is a selection of new Horse apparel options now stocking in the Festival Stall. Whether you're gearing up with some adventurous western-style tack, or pinning a ribbon on your prize-winning pony, there should be a little something for everyone. 




But that's not all! To celebrate the Grasslands region, we've released a new Meadow Scene (unlockable pet background) that will be exclusive to March - meaning it will come and go in the Festival Stall alongside the Mythic Horse Totem. Pick yours up today! 

Welcome to March

Festival of the Horse

Welcome to the Festival of the Horse Guardian! This month, Novilar will come together to celebrate all things Equine. While the townspeople make their festival preparations, we have a few exciting first-of-the-month announcements!


Three mustang minipets have trotted their way out of the Grasslands... and into our hearts. There are three different ways to achieve these frolicking equines: the Painted Mustang is craftable by level four (senior) crafters, the Chestnut Mustang can be found while roaming the Grasslands in Explore, and the Dappled Mustang is for sale in the Festival Stall for this month only!

Helpful AwardWe are pleased to award this month's Helpful Trophy to smokingponies (#1876)! They are, simply put, one of the most helpful and generous players on site, with a long history of helping players in Chat while asking nothing in return. Their inspiring attitude and generous spirit makes Smoke a perfect fit for this trophy. Congratulations! If there's someone you think deserves this award, feel free to go nominate them in the thread.

Skin of the Month Winner
We were thrilled to receive some beautiful entries for this month's Skin of the Month Contest! It was extremely difficult to choose, but there can unfortunately only be one winner. This month, that winner is... the Bengal Cat Skin by Yuu (#20). Their winning skin will be stocking in the Festival Stall during March, after which it will retire permanently.

Celebration of Love

Appreciating friends, family, and significant others

Today, everyone in Novilar is alight with love! We all have someone who loves us dearly - whether it's a friend, family member, or significant other. Celebrate the Day of Love with some delicious treats stocking for a limited time in the Festival Stall. There are Cookies and Chocolate Covered Strawberries for you and your pets to enjoy!  


The Guardians respect and cherish the Children of the Portal - you and your peers, the ones they've chosen to join them in Novilar. Today, they will be rewarding all completed Altar Quests with special Human Avatar wearables and Minipets! Complete all ten Guardian Quests for the best chance of earning all five items. 



**UPDATE: The Valentine's Items are now temporarily stocking in the Festival Stall! These items will re-appear as a part of the Love Day minievent next year (along with some new treats), but if you would rather complete your collection immediately, now's your chance. :) They will cycle out of the Festival Stall on February 28th, approximately midnight server time. 

A Walk in the Woods

New Festival-themed HA Apparel

There may have been a frenzy of Cats recently, but Deer himself has not been forgotten! Enjoy your journeys through the forest with this new Human Avatar apparel, and blend into the lovely foliage:



Or perhaps you would like to wear a more literal tribute to Deer? Antler Apparel (pictured in the bottom center of the new items) is now craftable for Level 3 crafters of all professions! The rest can be picked up for a reasonable price at the Festival Stall. After the festival is over, you may find these items in the Magnifique Boutique. 

The Cat Frenzy Continues!

Cat Companions and Pet Apparel

Claire holds up an armful of colorful fabric. “I keep trying to put normal clothes on the new cats, but every time I do, they tears up all my hard work!” She sighs dramatically and cuddles her tiny otter against her face. “There are a couple things they seem to be okay with though! I made this little Cat Bell and some Cat Ribbons, and they seems to like wearing them okay.”

She pouts and cuddles her tiny otter, who appears to be sound asleep. “Until I think of more clothes for the cats, I think I'll ask one of the Artisans for help – their Skins? will probably do the trick.”


...And speaking of skins! There is a new Skin of the Month Contest going on right now until the end of the month - check out This Thread if you're interested in participating! The winner will receive 6 crystals, an exclusive contest icon, and two copies of their winning skin. 

There are also a few minor updates around Novilar - the maximum territory sizes have increased to 200 pets, to account for the new species and give players a little more room to grow! The Crystal to Gold exchange rate in the Bank has also increased to 1 crystal = 15,000 gold. We hope these are some positive updates as everyone waits with bated breath for the Explore Overhaul, which I'm happy to report is coming down the assembly line at a steady pace. 


But you wanted more Cats, didn't you? Also stocking in the Festival Stall are three new Cat Companion HA items! Choose a calico, a bobtail, or a siamese to walk alongside your HA this month. 

Feline Friends

New Pet Species: Cats!

Deer stepped out from the shadow of the trees and gently nudged forward a small cat with its large branch-like antlers. “I have seen the care you all have taken with the creatures we've tasked you with. Here today, I have brought forward another companion, one who I discovered living in my Forest. Though not as magically inclined or perhaps as intelligent as the creatures made in our own image,” Deer shook his antlers, scattering a few loose leaves to the breeze. “I know you will care for them all the same. This is my gift to you – treat them well. With the other Guardian's permission, I have blessed them with the markings found on all other species, so you may breed at will.” 


Novilar's first minor pet species has been released! You can create new pet cats with a Cat Totem (awarded by Deer for completing quests at the Forest Altar or via offering Deer Life Feathers) or a Mythic Cat Totem (sold in the Festival Stall). Learn more about minor pet species in this Knowledgebase Article