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Festival of the Deer

Welcome to February!

Welcome to the Month of the Deer! We've got an exciting festival planned, so stay tuned...

New fawn minipets have appeared in the forest! The normal Fawn and Albino Fawn can be discovered by exploring in the Forest, or by making offerings and completing item quests for the Deer Guardian at the Forest Altar. The Melanistic Fawn can be crafted by anyone at the Senior level of their profession. All three little fawns can be equipped to your active pet, and after 1,000+ steps in explore, will grow up into a unique new stag minipet! Check this Knowledgebase Article for details on the "hatchable" minipet ability. 

Helpful Award 

We reviewed nominations for the Helpful Trophy via this thread, and decided that this month's recipient will be DW (#19)! They have a history of helping new players when online, including generous giveaways when someone is trying to finish a quest. They are always cool, calm, and collected, with a great attitude to boot. Congrats, DW! If there's someone you think deserves this award, feel free to go nominate them in the thread!

Skin of the Month Winner

We were thrilled to receive some beautiful entries for this month's Skin of the Month Contest! It was extremely difficult to choose, but there can unfortunately only be one winner. This month, that winner is... the Creeping Vines Skin by Xanthius (#1971). Their winning "accent" skin will be stocking in the Festival Stall during February, after which it will retire permanently.

Special Message from Deer! 

Deer, the Patron Guardian of the Keepers, has been leaving behind enigmatic messages in the forest for passing explorers to discover – carved stretches of bark that appear to heal overnight, and moss forming letters on rocks. When the explorers of the forest gathered to compile the messages they've seen, they seem to spell out Deer's plan to reward the humans of Novilar for taking care of the animals given to them by the Guardians... and something about a new companion?

Eagle Festival

One final January update

As we near the end of Eagle's Festival, we have one last January update for everyone.

A second coloration of the Carousel Pet Apparel Set has appeared in the Festival Stall! Enjoy dressing your pets up in all of these new pastel pieces. The festival eggs (Glacial, Flame, and Harmonic) have also begun stocking in the Festival Stall! They will retire permanently after January is over, but will remain hatchable into their Phoenix counterparts. That means if you want to stock some up for a rainy day, or to sell to other users down the road, now's your chance! 

Winged Wonders

Take to the skies with your Avatar!

Happy Sunday, Novilar! We have a small update on the Eagle's Festival for you.

Ever wanted to take to the skies like Eagle herself? Dream no longer - the Festival Stall is stocking a collection of magnificent feathered wings and tails for everyone to enjoy! Make yourself look like a Red-Tailed Hawk with the Brown Wings and Red Tail, or align yourself with one of the Ravens with the Black or White set of feathers. Feeling colorful? Go all-out with a set of brilliant macaw wings.

We hope everyone has a lovely week! We'll leave you with this teaser:
The results of our most recent poll, and a preview of what's to come...

Pet Sanctuary

Releasing baby pets, plus new pet apparel

Hello Citizens of Novilar! We're here again with a news update for you. 

Players are now able to release their unwanted baby pets to a lovely little sanctuary run by the same NPC who can be found at the Festival Stall - Sefina! She'll take good care of your babies, and offers you 500 gold coins for each one you drop off with her. Please be aware that leaving them at this sanctuary is functionally the same as deleting them from the server, so choose this option carefully. 


There is a new pet apparel set - the Golden Carousel! All six pieces in the set will make any pet look like a painted carousel animal... this set includes the pole, two bows, a halter, a tasseled blanket, and a tasseled neck piece. Fancy! 

And finally, just a reminder to vote on this thread if you haven't already. We're letting YOU choose the next pet species, so don't miss out! Voting for the next pet species will close on Monday, January 16th. We will still be accepting submissions for our Skin Contest for the rest of the month (closing on January 31st). It's got some really nice prizes, so check it out! 

Feathered Gowns

New avatar hair, dresses, and accents!

Welcome! Now that the Festival of the Eagle is well underway, we're here with another exciting newspost... this time featuring some new Human Avatar apparel! 


Five different styled wigs in a variety of natural colors are now stocking in the Festival Stall shop! These new hairstyles allow you to layer your hair over (or under) your clothing, and gives you more flexibility with your Human Avatar's appearance. They also allow you to make a quick and less expensive change to your hair, without having to do a complete avatar make-over. 



In the mood for some fancy new apparel? These elaborate Feathered Gowns are perfect for celebrating the new year, as well as honoring Eagle's Festival! If you want to go more subtle, you can simply slip one of these Black or White Feathers behind your ear - it's sure to be good luck as you go about your travels this month. These new items will be stocking in the Festival Stall.


Patreon rewards for December have been delivered! Everyone who pledged received a unique Falconry Hood for their eagle pets to wear. The Chests in the bank have also been reset, and if you happen to be in possession of a Patreon Key, this month's Patreon Chest will open to the Cyborg Arm HA item! Don't miss your chance to grab one. :) 

Festival of the Eagle

Minipets, Floral Dyes, and more!

Welcome to 2017! We can't wait to share a whole year of Novilar fun with you all, and are giddy with excitement for what's coming soon. Here's to bigger and better things for everyone, no matter where you are or what you're doing -- we wish only the best for you all! With that being said, there's a ton of excitement already brewing for Eagle's January Festival, so read on! 

Eagle's Nest: Mysterious Eggs have begun appearing all over Novilar, and the Eagle Guardian has been collecting and taking care of them all. She's looking a tad overwhelmed, and has summoned anyone willing to help, so visit the Eagle's Nest as soon as possible to see if she will allow you to take care of one of these exclusive eggs yourself! 

Alongside these unique eggs is a new craftable minipet - the adorable Eagle Chick! Check out your recipe book for the necessary ingredients. 

Pet Skin Contest! We are running an official Pet Skin art contest with some nice prizes - check out this thread for the rules, details on how to enter, and prizes you can win (which include Crystals and an exclusive icon). 

New Pet Species Voting! You read that right - we are letting YOU decide which of four sketches will become a new minor pet species in Novilar. Check out this thread to cast your vote today! 

Last but not least, we've released a brand new Dye! The Floral Dye can make your pet look like a painted teacup, or perhaps a savvy tattooed alchemist. Dyes can be crafted by the Scribe profession, or purchased from the Crystal Exchange. 

Community Update

Bug fixes and a new marking!
We have good news from the coding department! A breakthrough has been made on the free markings bug, which was giving players issues breeding free markings onto baby pets. This has been resolved, so now your new babies will look prettier and have even more markings than before (depending on their parents, of course)!

We have also resolved a bug with the births of twins and triplets - the percentages are now fixed, and twins and triplets should now be born at the correct percentages. For more info on fertility, check out this Knowledgebase Article

We have also created a Helpful Trophy! The Staff will occasionally award this trophy to outstanding members of the community, who embody helpfulness and generosity towards other players. Recipients of the Helpful Trophy may also make efforts to encourage or aid in gameplay, such as creating a helpful thread in the Forums or running an engaging Novilar-themed RPG. We are currently accepting nominations for this award, so please comment on this thread with your experience with a helpful player whom you think should receive this award!

To celebrate the return of Free Markings in breeding, we are releasing a new Uncommon Free Marking... Snow! Snow is a versatile marking that can be combined cleverly with any other marking to create natural-looking pets, or even the illusion of galaxies. We are very excited to share it with you! Since it's an Uncommon marking, it can be found on purified Corrupt Pets in the wild, or can be made with a Mythic or Life totem. 

Festive Winter Wear

Warm up with new HA Apparel!

We hope you're having a nice Festival of the Bear! Cecil, the town's Master Tailor, has made a large batch of new Human Avatar apparel to keep you warm in December. No matter where you're heading out on your adventures, the Festival Stall should have something for you! 

New items include themed scarves (will you choose ambition, courage, wisdom, or kindness?), matching pom hats, heavy fur coats, and colorful tailored peacoats. Run and grab your own new outfit today! 





Winter Apparel

Keeping your pets warm in the snow!

Welcome to a mid-week December update! Many of you might have caught the Winter Cloak when it dropped from the Advent Calendar a day or two ago. For those who didn't grab their freebie, no fear! The complete pet apparel sets (in Winter and Evergreen color versions), are now stocking in the Festival Stall.

Don't forget about the craftable apparel as well - the Snow Flurry and Snowman are available for everyone to craft at the Apprentice level. Go check out your Recipe Book today for the needed ingredients! 

Wintry Minipets

Bears, Foxes, Reindeer, and more!

Some cute new minipets have joined us to celebrate December! Meet the Polar Bear Cub, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, and Reindeer. You can craft the Bear Cub minipet with a bear totem, and the rest can be discovered in the Tundra explore region (or by turning in Quests for Bear).


Don't forget to keep collecting your daily prize at the Gift of the Bear Advent Calendar! You can now access it quickly from anywhere by clicking the "December" main banner, or the Festival of the Bear link, both at the very top of every page. As a small teaser for what's still to come, here are a few special minipets that can only be received through the Gift of the Bear:


There are also several new craftable items just in time for the Holiday Season! Try making a Snowball, a Snowman, or a Snow Flurry for your pets to enjoy. If you're more in the mood to relax, you can pick up a Winter Scarf, a Tundra Scarf, or an Evergreen Scarf to wrap your pet up nice and warm. Just got in from the snow? Maybe your pet is covered in a glittering Snowdrift from playing outdoors.