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Community Update

Inventory Revamp and Gold Trading

Art and Coding Progress from the Development Team:

  • Cecil (the shopkeeper for Magnifique Boutique) got new NPC artwork!
  • A few baby pet markings were fixed! 
  • Our new Safety Deposit Box feature allows you to squirrel away whatever items you would like for later use! Out of sight, out of mind, right? 
  • The Inventory system was completely revamped! Players can now multi-select items and enter quantities directly for easier shop stocking and more. A refresh (or F5) might be necessary to clear your cache in order to see all of Miranda's hard work. :) 
  • The Bank will now allow users to send gold and crystals between one another securely. Currency is added and removed from player's back vault directly. 

Community Update

Pet trading, breeding, and requests

Hello again Novilarians! Thank you for all your valuable feedback over the last few days. We've taken your suggestions to heart and have pushed a few important features and updates through the top of our to-do lists and to completion:

  • Thanks to community feedback, we greatly increased Purification Potion restocks in Bubbling Brews. 
  • Added uncommon and rare markings to the pet demo. 
  • Adventurers and Tailors' static profession buff has been changed – they will now gain an extra +1 step refresh every five minutes to match the change we made to steps refreshing slowly over time throughout the day. :) 
  • Added Breeding and Trade Requests page – now players can more easily see their breeding and trading requests on one convenient page! 
  • Purification has been given better error reporting! You'll now be warned that you need potions before facing a corrupt pet, and will have clearer notifications in the case that the encounter ends early and the pet flees. 
  • Added Pet Trading and Gifting Features! Safely send pets between players without having to put them up for public sale. Gift or Trade a pet using the button next to its info in your Territory. 

Explore and Questing

Edits and changes to improve gameplay

Exploring and Questing for the Guardians is now easier and more rewarding for all players!

  • We have universally increased the amount of gold that can be gained from gold coin drops during Exploring.
  • There is now a handy Adventure Log that keeps track of all your active Guardian Quests!
  • Guardian Quests were edited to reset at midnight server time instead of a set 24 hours from when they were started.
  • Steps will now refresh slowly throughout the day, at the rate of 1 step every 5 minutes.
  • Miranda created a handy Beta Change Log for everyone to keep track of the little tweaks and edits that might not make it to the larger news post. Check it out here!

Community Update

Contest, raffle, bug fixes, and more!

We’re seen a lot of growth over the past weekend. Welcome, everyone! Novilar has happily recovered from the downtime and is settled into its shiny new Dedicated Server. We know some people had to wait a bit longer to register, and were met with a few unexpected bugs, so we greatly appreciate your patience!


A few standout members of the community have already made life more interesting and enjoyable for others by hosting a variety of threads:

Nova created The Adventurer's Anthology, a handy guide with all items and minipets avaliable to discover while exploring!

Fancy a raffle? Owl is hosting a wonderful moss-themed giveaway for new members right here!

Want to help design a deer? Songbirdy is holding a doe-designing contest on the forums here.

We’ve worked to complete numerous tweaks and bug fixes to registration and gameplay. If you see anything odd or missing, please remember to report it to the Modbox! We also have some exciting new coding planned for this week: 

  • More bug fixes and quality of life improvements
  • A Quest Log (so you can see which of the Guardians is asking for what, all on one convenient page) 
  • Adding Pet Transferring system between players
  • Being able to sell pets for crystals

Welcome to Open Beta!

Registration, bug testing, and more

Welcome to Open Beta!

Registration for Open Beta is now open, and we want to welcome all new players to Novilar. We’re happy to have you! 

Even though the site is now open to the public, we still do not consider it entirely ‘complete’. Novilar will remain in active development during Open Beta while simultaneously operating as intended, including celebrating community events such as the Festival of the Death Raven which will take place in only a few short weeks (in October). In addition, we do have a few major features such as PvP battling and NPC friendships still to come! During our beta stage in particular, please make sure to report any bugs you come across while playing, either to the Bug Report thread or directly into the Modbox (located in the footer). This helps us make sure Novilar runs smoothly and is as bug-free as possible for everyone’s enjoyment. 

Best of luck to all newcomers as you begin your journey into Novilar! Don’t hesitate to ping admins @runeowl or @Miranda in the forums if you would like input from staff at any time.