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Community Update

Fox & the Food Box, New Apparel, and a Skin
As the nights grow longer and the days grow colder, the Festival of the Death Raven is well underway! 

Enjoy our new (and very first) minigame: Fox and the Food Box! Help the tricksy fox raid the Simple Delights food stores by matching pairs of food items, and win gold coins and a chance at a high score for your devious efforts. This simple matching game should delight with its charming graphics and a simple tune to match. 

Cecil also unveiled a spooky new outfit for the festival, which is currently stocking in the Festival Stall:


Finally, an Alligator seems to have gone rogue and drowned itself in Arcane Goo! Is this a problem... or a new aesthetic? Anyone who has achieved level three (practitioner) in crafting can now create this new skin. 

Community Update

Pet and Avatar Wardrobes + New Items

Thanks to your suggestions, we've implemented three new features for you to enjoy, plus a few fun new potion items!

Plan out your next perfect outfit with the new Human Avatar Changing Room feature. Now you'll be able to see what every wearable item on-site looks like before you buy it, and see how it coordinates with other wearable items you own. If you want to customize even further, you can now remake your Human Avatar for a simple 5,000 gold coin fee! This means you can change your eyes, hair, skin tone - whatever you want. Since we don't want to leave out your beloved pets, we also made a Changing Room feature for them as well. Access it by visiting any one of your pet's "edit items" page! 

And now for the new potions, both stocking in the Crystal Exchange

 The Maturity Potion instantly makes your pet a breedable adult! 

 The Eternal Youth Potion makes your pet a cute lil baby... forever! 

Community Update

New marking and festival scenes!

Hello again everyone! Having a nice Death Raven's Month? As a reward for your bug-testing patience, we have released a few new updates ahead of schedule. Introducing three spooky new festival scenes to unlock as backgrounds for your pets!


Also introducing the new rare fullbody marking Brindle! Go check it out on your favorite pet species in the Pet Demo.

Thank you for your kindness while we dealt with the bug from last night and today - it forced us to temporarily pause our Pet Update Image script, but should be resolved! You are free to purify and create new pets as normal - any pets with broken images or smaller visual errors can be refreshed from your territory. Giving birth should resume as normal at approximately rollover tonight while we work out the last few fleeting bugs and make sure the system's back in its proper order. Please report any lingering issues here

Community Contests

Festival of the Death Raven Continues
The Festival of the Death Raven is off to a great start, but there's even more to announce! 

Community Contests 

The town has gathered together to welcome all newcomers in the form of three festive activities! Each contest gives you the chance get creative and win some fantastic prizes (even for simply participating) so read on to find out more. Three First Place Winners (one from each category) will win one Death Totem each, and three runners-up (one from each category) will each win 5 crystals... shiny premium currency!

Pumpkin Art Contest: Light up the town with your creative jack-o-lantern art and give yourself the chance to win this category's Grand Prize Death Totem. See the Art Contest Thread for details. (types of submissions are varied and can incorporate drawing, painting, sculpture, a real pumpkin carving, or any other creative visual medium.) Everyone who participates in this category will be rewarded with an event-exclusive icon and vista.

Holiday Haiku Contest: Feeling inspired? Put your feelings into words! Submit a haiku poem about the Death Raven’s festivities in the Haiku Contest Thread. Topics for your poem can include pumpkins, the Death Raven, or absolutely anything else that might suit the Halloween-esq theme. Scary or silly, we want to read them all! Everyone who participates in this category will be rewarded with an event-exclusive icon and vista.

Festive Pet Contest: Are your pets also getting into the October Spirit? Show off your prettiest (or spookiest) halloween-themed pet for the chance to take home Grand Prize in this category! Enter your own pets by visiting the Pet Contest Thread. Pets may reflect the October theme in colors, markings, apparel, skins, name, description, or all of the above. Everyone who participates in this category will be rewarded with an event-exclusive icon and vista.


Changes to the Crystal Trade
: We're pleased to announce that we've made a change to the crystal exchange system in the bank. Now when you exchange crystals at the bank those crystals are listed for other users to buy with gold! This will minimize currency injection, regulating the economy a bit better, and allow players an opportunity to get crystals for gold in a controlled and fair way. We will be monitoring this new system carefully. 

Patreon Announcements: As requested, we will now announce each month's Treasure Chest drop. If you use a Patreon Key this month, you will receive... a Mechanical Horse Skin! Last Month's Patreon rewards and custom skins are also ready to be sent out to all participating users! The new rewards for September are TWO new Avatar Apparel items: the Toxic Bandanna and the Skull Bandana. We are waiting for the payment to clear from all current Patreons, but once that gets processed, Patreons will receive these two new items in their accounts. Enjoy!


Festival of the Death Raven

An October Celebration!
The Death Raven is starting to be seen overhead more often than usual, and even the Guardians are at rest from their normal business to observe a month claimed by one of the Ravens themselves. The Death Raven’s power seems stronger now than ever before, and a unique discovery has been made at the Crystal Exchange…?

The Shaman holds up a Death Totem. It seems to be carved delicately from some kind of stained wood, and its jeweled eye glitters as the Shaman turns it over in his odd clawed hands. You wonder rather suddenly at the similarities between the Shaman’s hands and a raven’s feet.

“The Death Totem harbors a piece of the Death Raven’s unique magic. You can use it to purify the heart of a creature while keeping its post-corruption form. Some of the creatures in the wild have become accustomed to their new bodies, and while all wish to be rid of the corruption at their core, they do not want to return to their former state. The Death Totem grants this wish.” The Shaman informs you gravely. 

Death Totems allow you to create a Corrupted Pet! Instead of selecting markings like with the other totems, customization sliders allow you to change your chosen species’ colors, brightness, and saturation in order to create a custom corrupted pet image. Once saved, your new corrupted pet will act the same as a normal pet - but corrupt pets are unable to wear apparel or breed at this time. 

Some pets, wary of their new neighbors since the appearance of the Death Totem, have taken up wearing Plague Masks, Black Hoods, and Black Cloaks (despite having no assurances that either would help them resist the corruption, should it take hold). Other pets have wholeheartedly embraced the others’ new forms and are wearing Skull Masks to celebrate! Available for the more neutral-minded pets in your territory are Autumn Hoods and Autumn Cloaks. All of these new pet apparel items can be picked up in the Festival Stall. 


Several new minipets have also appeared for the Death Raven’s Month! Perhaps the Witch Cat has caught your fancy? Or maybe this fuzzy Tarantula is more your style. The Ancient Skull and Ominous Skull appear to be looking your way in particular, you might want to check them out. Lastly, carve your own Grinning Pumpkin by learning the recipe with a new crafting scroll! 

There is word around town that Cecil has been roped into the holiday spirit as well. This master Tailor has designed a new Human Avatar Apparel option for festive folks! Become a Pumpkin Witch with these new apparel items, now stocking in the Festival Stall. He’s promised Claire, his daughter, that he will make more apparel throughout the month, so keep an eye out for even more clothes to choose from in the coming weeks.

Not to be outdone, Allen has also revealed some festive treats that he made especially for this month’s celebration! Chow down on a massive Pumpkin, or delight your pets with a variety of other themed dessert items available in the Simple Delights shop. 

Community Update

Crafting Overhaul and Soup Kitchen

Progress and Bug Fixes from the Development Team:

  • You are now able to cancel outgoing requests and ui improvements have been made to the requests page
  • Chat has been tweaked to avoid security holes and to allow for posts up to 250 characters long (up from 100).
  • To help stimulate pet economy, pregnancy has been increased to 5 days and totem drop rate has been reduced for Guardian Quests and Feather Offerings.
  • Interest rates in the bank now reward the correct amount of gold.
  • Explore now displays drops and events above the scene image as per request. 
  • You can now view the “father” of a pregnant pet from the notice in their territory.
  • User territories now have tooltips that display more information about the pets.
  • If you have under 2,000 gold both on hand and in the bank, you can visit Simple Delights and Allen will feed your pet for free!
  • Alchemist perk has finally been coded, and has undergone a minor change, now reducing the crafting timer of any tool by 25%.
  • Last, but certainly not least, crafting has received a major overhaul. This overhaul should eliminate most of the bugs associated with crafting and recipes and allows you to set your ingredients in any order without failing (though you still must only craft one recipe at a time). You can even quick craft straight from recipe book! Any players who have unlocked recipes (like via Scroll) may see those re-locked incorrectly due to the crafting update - but not to worry! we are executing a manual fix that should not take more than 24 hours. 
Thank you for reading this newest batch of updates, and make sure to keep an eye out for tomorrow's news! October is without a Guardian and instead hosts the unique celebration of the Death Raven, which will come with a lot to do and see throughout the month. ;)

Community Update

Inventory Revamp and Gold Trading

Art and Coding Progress from the Development Team:

  • Cecil (the shopkeeper for Magnifique Boutique) got new NPC artwork!
  • A few baby pet markings were fixed! 
  • Our new Safety Deposit Box feature allows you to squirrel away whatever items you would like for later use! Out of sight, out of mind, right? 
  • The Inventory system was completely revamped! Players can now multi-select items and enter quantities directly for easier shop stocking and more. A refresh (or F5) might be necessary to clear your cache in order to see all of Miranda's hard work. :) 
  • The Bank will now allow users to send gold and crystals between one another securely. Currency is added and removed from player's back vault directly. 

Community Update

Pet trading, breeding, and requests

Hello again Novilarians! Thank you for all your valuable feedback over the last few days. We've taken your suggestions to heart and have pushed a few important features and updates through the top of our to-do lists and to completion:

  • Thanks to community feedback, we greatly increased Purification Potion restocks in Bubbling Brews. 
  • Added uncommon and rare markings to the pet demo. 
  • Adventurers and Tailors' static profession buff has been changed – they will now gain an extra +1 step refresh every five minutes to match the change we made to steps refreshing slowly over time throughout the day. :) 
  • Added Breeding and Trade Requests page – now players can more easily see their breeding and trading requests on one convenient page! 
  • Purification has been given better error reporting! You'll now be warned that you need potions before facing a corrupt pet, and will have clearer notifications in the case that the encounter ends early and the pet flees. 
  • Added Pet Trading and Gifting Features! Safely send pets between players without having to put them up for public sale. Gift or Trade a pet using the button next to its info in your Territory. 

Explore and Questing

Edits and changes to improve gameplay

Exploring and Questing for the Guardians is now easier and more rewarding for all players!

  • We have universally increased the amount of gold that can be gained from gold coin drops during Exploring.
  • There is now a handy Adventure Log that keeps track of all your active Guardian Quests!
  • Guardian Quests were edited to reset at midnight server time instead of a set 24 hours from when they were started.
  • Steps will now refresh slowly throughout the day, at the rate of 1 step every 5 minutes.
  • Miranda created a handy Beta Change Log for everyone to keep track of the little tweaks and edits that might not make it to the larger news post. Check it out here!

Community Update

Contest, raffle, bug fixes, and more!

We’re seen a lot of growth over the past weekend. Welcome, everyone! Novilar has happily recovered from the downtime and is settled into its shiny new Dedicated Server. We know some people had to wait a bit longer to register, and were met with a few unexpected bugs, so we greatly appreciate your patience!


A few standout members of the community have already made life more interesting and enjoyable for others by hosting a variety of threads:

Nova created The Adventurer's Anthology, a handy guide with all items and minipets avaliable to discover while exploring!

Fancy a raffle? Owl is hosting a wonderful moss-themed giveaway for new members right here!

Want to help design a deer? Songbirdy is holding a doe-designing contest on the forums here.

We’ve worked to complete numerous tweaks and bug fixes to registration and gameplay. If you see anything odd or missing, please remember to report it to the Modbox! We also have some exciting new coding planned for this week: 

  • More bug fixes and quality of life improvements
  • A Quest Log (so you can see which of the Guardians is asking for what, all on one convenient page) 
  • Adding Pet Transferring system between players
  • Being able to sell pets for crystals