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Welcome to Open Beta!

Registration, bug testing, and more

Welcome to Open Beta!

Registration for Open Beta is now open, and we want to welcome all new players to Novilar. We’re happy to have you! 

Even though the site is now open to the public, we still do not consider it entirely ‘complete’. Novilar will remain in active development during Open Beta while simultaneously operating as intended, including celebrating community events such as the Festival of the Death Raven which will take place in only a few short weeks (in October). In addition, we do have a few major features such as PvP battling and NPC friendships still to come! During our beta stage in particular, please make sure to report any bugs you come across while playing, either to the Bug Report thread or directly into the Modbox (located in the footer). This helps us make sure Novilar runs smoothly and is as bug-free as possible for everyone’s enjoyment. 

Best of luck to all newcomers as you begin your journey into Novilar! Don’t hesitate to ping admins @runeowl or @Miranda in the forums if you would like input from staff at any time.