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A small but useful change to crafting

Let's hope this makes your life easier!

A subtle, yet useful change has been made to the crafting system!

When using the recipe book to craft items, you will be brought back to the page that particular recipe was on, rather than being bumped back to page one every time you craft an item. While this change is not a big one, it is hoped that it will save players a little bit of time and a lot of aggrivation.


Price Reduction on Max Energy Bars

Other energy bars are taking a small vacation...

Max Energy Bars (items that replenish all of your steps and can be found in the crystal exchange) have been reduced in price from three crystals to one crystal.

The other two energy bars, that replenish 50 and 25 steps  have been removed from the crystal shop for now, but may return on other parts of the site at a later date. 

This is the first step in some price restructuring that will likely be going on over the next few months.


Have fun getting out there and exploring!

Privacy Policy & Terms Update

Some changes have been made

A few minor tweaks were made to Novilar's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. 

Privacy Policy Changes


"We use regular Malware Scanning."

Section about California Online Privacy Protection Act

Section about "Do Not Track" signals


"You may also visit the site anonymously, although you will be unable to access all features."


Contact email changed to

Note about disabling cookies was made more concise:

"If you turn cookies off, some features will be disabled that make your site experience more efficient. Some of our services will not function properly."

Terms of Service Changes

Section about "Law and jurisdiction" removed

Contact email changed to


Always make sure to regularly check our policies to ensure you're up to date.


Come one and come all!

Design a Cat Contest

Come one and come all! The staff is holding a contest to celebrate the month of February and what better way to celebrate than to hold a contest!

All you need to do is design a cat in Pet Demo for a chance to win a Mythical Cat Totem. Yes, you heard us right, a Mythical Cat Totem! If you would like to win this beauty please enter now, the deadline is February 28th 0:00 Novilar time.

The contest can be found in the forum under Contest & Giveaways or by clicking the image below. 

Crafting Change and Bug Fix

Temporal rifts and waiting times, oh my!

Crafting equipment in the alchemy lab no longer has a cooldown time!

We decided to make this change because players are already somewhat limited in crafting by the volume of items they can scavange and buy in a day, it was felt that we did not need to limit you further. 

That said, if you happen to spam the craft button rather than waiting for the page to load between clicks, you may find that you are not getting all the experience points you should, so please wait for the page to load between clicks.

On another note, the small temporal rift that has been plauging Novilar for quite some time has finally been repaired - meaning that announcements and notifications will now show the correct amount of time has passed since the event occurred. :)

Premium Accounts

There has been a small change

Due to Novilar changing hands, subscriptions unfortunately had to be cancelled, if anybody lost anything as a result of this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you wish to become a Premium Member again, everything is set up for you to be able to do so.

On the same note, Premium Accounts now get six crystals instead of five per month, this change has been put in place so Premium Members can cover the price of a Mythic Totem if they choose to buy one.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and I hope you enjoy the new changes.

As some of you may be aware, Novilar has been in the process of changing hands for some weeks.

The day has finally arrived where the game is now officially under new management. 

Please bear with us while we do a little bit of housekeeping and find our feet and stand by for a more in-depth announcement shortly.

I look forward to moving Novilar in fun new directions, and (hopefully) keeping you all entertained and engaged.

An Update

To keep the community informed

So, as some individuals pointed out in the Discord, I have decided to also seek for novilar to be sold to a new owner. This does not mean that I am not working on the updates I mentioned, but rather in tandem. Personal life, losses, and other details have made operating this site in the public increasingly hard and difficult over this year. It has frustrated a lot of you guys as well, which I am sincerely sorry for causing. It is hard to be transparent when most days you are surviving, and critical (truthful or not) comments feel like daggers to the heart. I have failed to keep going on, and have become increasingly disconnected from the community, and to the site itself.

The site is currently for-sale. I am seeking offers, and anyone can offer if they feel inclined. No one has made an offer yet, and the site has not sold. I had intentions originally to announce this when the time came that there was a new owner, or one close to closing. This way I could close out my ownership and be able to usher in the new owner in the best possible light. It has not worked out that way and this post is necessary, both for the community to know what is happening, and to allievate any false information or rumors.

For those interested in potientially purchasing the site, the post with details, and best realm to reach out about it would be here.

Contest results

Death Festival

It is November 1st everyone and the Halloween Event has come to an end. We would like to thank those who have participated and hope you all had a great time and look forward to future events!

We have finally finished judging the Avatar Showcase, Best Dressed Pet, and the Scary Story Contest. 

The winner of the Avatar Showcase is @birdio(#5924) 
The winner of the Best Dressed Pet is @Occultess(#1083) 
The winner of the Scary Story Contest is nobody.

Your prizes have been sent to you. Congratulations on winning 1st place!

Spooky Fashion Contests now Open!

Get your Halloween Costumes on!

We have opened up two contests for Halloween, so get your spooky costumes on, and prepare to hit the catwalk!

These contests are open until the end of the month, so plenty of time ot participate!

Also, do not forget to check out the Scary Story contest which ends at the end of the month as well!