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New Monthly Contests

Let's celebrate spring with some fun and prizes!

March is here and so are three awesome new contests for everyone to enter! These contests will run on a regular basis, with a new fun theme each month.

If you enjoy dressing up your avatar or your pets, check out our Fashion Shows for your chance at some cool Crystal prizes. If you enjoy art or making skins for your pets, try out the Skin Artistry competition for a chance at even bigger prizes, including seeing your skin become a Novilar-official item!

Interested in participating? Visit the forums for everything you need to know!:
Avatar Fashion Show,
Pet Fashion Show,
Skin Artistry Contest!

All contests for this month have a deadline of 11:59:59pm Novilar Time on March 24th, 2020.

Raffle Winner!

Mythic Cat Totem Contest

Congratulations to our raffle winner Salazzle who has won the Mythic Cat Totem! 

We would like to thank all of those who had participated and wish you all luck in future raffles. :) 

An Update to Exploring

another thing that will make life easier

When exploring, players no longer need to click on an item they encounter to collect it. 

This change has been put in place to make things a little less tedious when adventuring around Novilar.

Happy hunting!

An update to step regeneration!

Apparently today is the day for updates :P

Regular players now get 3 step regeneration per 5 minutes, those players who have professions that increase step regeneration still get a +1 to this (4).

Subscribers now get a +4 to normal step regeneration.

It is hoped this will help keep players entertained while we work on adding more features to the site.

An update to pet naming.

Another small but significant improvement.

Pets can now have spaces and special characters in their names!

This change will hopefully make your lives easier with regards to giving your pets the fancy names they deserve!

A small but useful change to crafting

Let's hope this makes your life easier!

A subtle, yet useful change has been made to the crafting system!

When using the recipe book to craft items, you will be brought back to the page that particular recipe was on, rather than being bumped back to page one every time you craft an item. While this change is not a big one, it is hoped that it will save players a little bit of time and a lot of aggrivation.


Price Reduction on Max Energy Bars

Other energy bars are taking a small vacation...

Max Energy Bars (items that replenish all of your steps and can be found in the crystal exchange) have been reduced in price from three crystals to one crystal.

The other two energy bars, that replenish 50 and 25 steps  have been removed from the crystal shop for now, but may return on other parts of the site at a later date. 

This is the first step in some price restructuring that will likely be going on over the next few months.


Have fun getting out there and exploring!

Privacy Policy & Terms Update

Some changes have been made

A few minor tweaks were made to Novilar's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. 

Privacy Policy Changes


"We use regular Malware Scanning."

Section about California Online Privacy Protection Act

Section about "Do Not Track" signals


"You may also visit the site anonymously, although you will be unable to access all features."


Contact email changed to

Note about disabling cookies was made more concise:

"If you turn cookies off, some features will be disabled that make your site experience more efficient. Some of our services will not function properly."

Terms of Service Changes

Section about "Law and jurisdiction" removed

Contact email changed to


Always make sure to regularly check our policies to ensure you're up to date.


Come one and come all!

Design a Cat Contest

Come one and come all! The staff is holding a contest to celebrate the month of February and what better way to celebrate than to hold a contest!

All you need to do is design a cat in Pet Demo for a chance to win a Mythical Cat Totem. Yes, you heard us right, a Mythical Cat Totem! If you would like to win this beauty please enter now, the deadline is February 28th 0:00 Novilar time.

The contest can be found in the forum under Contest & Giveaways or by clicking the image below. 

Crafting Change and Bug Fix

Temporal rifts and waiting times, oh my!

Crafting equipment in the alchemy lab no longer has a cooldown time!

We decided to make this change because players are already somewhat limited in crafting by the volume of items they can scavange and buy in a day, it was felt that we did not need to limit you further. 

That said, if you happen to spam the craft button rather than waiting for the page to load between clicks, you may find that you are not getting all the experience points you should, so please wait for the page to load between clicks.

On another note, the small temporal rift that has been plauging Novilar for quite some time has finally been repaired - meaning that announcements and notifications will now show the correct amount of time has passed since the event occurred. :)