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Death Festival

Halloween Event

Novilar would like to welcome you to another Death Festival.

This year we are holding a Death Festival Halloween event which will run from the 5th of October until the 30th. Come take part in the many games and contest to win prizes from items, gold, and even crystals! You can find the event in the forums under RPG and Games or by clicking the link, Proceed to Halloween Event


Contest Dates
Pumpkin Carving Contest: October 5th to the 13th. (14th and 15th staff will look through submissions) 
Avatar Fashion Show: October 15th to the 20th. 
Pet Fashion Show: October 20th and ends October 25th.
Scary Story Contest: October 25th and ends October 30th.

For any questions please message moderator Poptarts by using the mod box, discord or private messaging. 

Festival of the Snake

More fabulous goodies in the Festival Stall!

It's August, and while we apologize for the late start, we would like to officially welcome you all to the Festival of the Snake!

We have a few new items in the Festival Stall for you to enjoy this month, including the Snake Mark (pet apparel), Baby Ocelot (minipet), and Baby Tapir (minipet). There's also a few other goodies in there, so be sure to take a peek before the end of the month, as the new items will be retired, and the others won't be available again until next August.


Festival of the Lion

New goodies in the Festival Stall!

New goodies in the Festival Stall!

You will now be able to celebrate the Lion Festival this month with the following new minipets and pet apparel in the Festival Stall. Let us introduce you to the Giraffe Calf, the Elephant Calf, and the Mark of the Lion. You can find all three in the Festival Stall through the end of June, at which time they will become retired.


Unlocking Exploration Scenes are Back!

Now the regions come to your pets!

Some Exciting News: Region Scenes are Back!

What does this mean, it means that when you explore 1,000 steps in each region, you can unlock a scene for your pets. This was a long-broken feature that has been updated and is now working again.

We are in the process of proactively setting all your steps for regions based on our collected data. So if you have already traveled the 1,000 steps, we will automatically reward you the achievement and the scene. So no need to start over ?.

We are also syncing up minipet counts for all users as well.

Energy Bars and Dyes

Look good and explore even harder!

Energy Bars have arrived!

Ever feel like you need an extra boost, want to explore harder without having to wait for your energy to replenish? Now you can, with the following new Crystal Exchange items: Energy Bar, Super Energy Bar, and Max Energy Bar!




The Warpaint, Paintspill, and Floral dyes now work when applied to pets. they can be found in the Crystal Exchange also!

Daily Bonuses

Releasing now can give you bonus gold!

Daily Bonuses have arrived!

Daily Bonuses can be seen in the sidebar on the home page, and change daily. Basically, if you release a pet of the species or a pet that contains the marking of the current day, you will receive extra gold when you release that pet.

By keeping track of the Daily Bonus, you can earn quite a bit of extra gold, just be sure to breed a lot of different species and markings :)

Staff Applications are Open

Feel free to apply today!

Community Staff positions are open once again. We are looking for new Community Moderators to help drive and grow Novilar's playerbase and engage our wonderful players!

Please read this post to learn how to apply.

If you have applied previously, I will be reviewing your applications again!

Look forward to seeing who is interested!

Birth Limits

Make sure you have plenty of territory space...

New Limits on how long pets stay pregnant

To make sure that pets are not locked by pregnancies, a maximum time of 6 days have been placed on pregnancies before it expires. What this means is that it is most important to manage your territory space more efficiently, as you will only have 6 days after your pet is ready to give birth to make space.

This change was made to not lock fathers to pregnant mothers whose owners do not free up enough space. Hopefully this change will make it easier to request and breed, knowing your pet will not be locked should a user decide to not make enough territory space.

Some site updates!

Easier exploration, and better forums.

Wanted to let the community know of a few new updates!


You will notice when exploring, instead of a simple "Explore" button, you are now given options to navigate around. This makes exploration a whole lot more engaging and fun. No one likes to just click the same button over and over. Other improvements show remaining steps as a bar called "Energy", which will be making more appearances elsewhere shortly.


When a post has been edited, it will now display a message saying it was updated and when it was updated. You can also now search topics for thread titles, instead of having to navigate page by page to find them.


Your territory got a fresh set of paint about a week ago, as did the breeding page. Enjoy!


We are constantly working hard to make this game better, and hope you all are enjoying our updates. Expect more in the future, and as always we welcome your feedback!

Custom Avatars!

Now you can be who you really want to be!

Based on what we are finding in the survey, we realized the community needed..

Custom Avatars!

What is a Custom Avatar?

A Custom Avatar replaces the human avatar you create when you start the game. It is very much like a custom pet skin, but for your avatar. The idea behind the avatars is provide a replacement of you in the games lore. This system implied that only humans were coming throught he portal, but we felt that this was too restrictive, or not as creative as it can be. So we provided this system as a way to play as a non-human.

What are the rules?

The rules are that your custom avatar must be either humanoid or anthropomorphic. Which means if you have a fursona or similiar OC you would like as your avatar, you can submit them. We do not allow submissions of plain animals to replace the avatar. You can find all the guidelines on the Custom Avatar page.

Is this a Pay only feature?

No, although you can submit a skin for 3 Crystals, you can also submit one for 120,000 gold, or use an Artisan Paintbrush if you are an Artisan. This system isn't designed to be restrictive. You can also have someone else submit a skin for you if you have a friend.

We hope you enjoy and use this new feature!

This feature is unique across most pet sites, and we hope our player base, and new players, enjoy this feature. We will be reviewing the program as it goes, and be adjusting rules or guidelines as needed. We believe in embracing our communities creativity!