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Achievements, Smiles, oh My!

New features galore!

Achievements are back!

We have revamped our new achievements system completely, allowing for more achievements and even greater reasons to gain them. We have implemented the most important ones, and more will be coming in a few weeks. Note, you will see achievements as they are found on the site, so they may more then you see, it is up to all players to seek them out!

New Facial Features for Avatars

You will now see more facial features, including new Eyes, Brows, and Mouths to choose from. You can change your appearance by going to Wardrobe. We have also heard the community, and will be offering a way to upload a custom avatar for your characters instead of the default human based avatars, stay tuned to hear more!

Thanks for taking the time to do the survey!

If you have already taken it, thank you for your feedback! If you have not, please do so by clicking here. It will help us make Novilar even greater!

Tell us what you think of Novilar!

Help Novilar grow and improve by sharing your opinions

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In order to help us decide which areas to focus on for improvement or new features, we need to know what users want - not just from Novilar, but from a petsite. The suggestions forum is great for exploring specific ideas, but we're looking for broader information. What is your general impression of Novilar? What do you like? What don't you like?

Moreover, we want to know what everyone thinks of Novilar. Do you have a friend who enjoys petsites? Ask them to take the survey, too!

All who submit a response will be redirected to a separate survey in which they may enter a raffle for 10 crystals or a custom pet drawn by myself to your specifications. The raffle survey will not compromise your anonymity.

Improved New User Experience

It is now easier to enter the portal!

We just released a new update that aims to improve the new users introduction to Novilar!

New players are now walked through the whole introduction, and if they wander off a tutorial path, they can always return to it by using their What to Do panel to catch up. This update should make the whole new player introduction experience a lot easier. Also, as part of it, the Crucible, the first unlockable tool has been reduced in price from 5,000 gold to only 500 gold. This is to make the alchemy tutorial flow much easier for a new player.

We would love to hear feedback from new users about this, feel free to comment on this news post, or in our forums!

First round of news

Updates and even a better reason to subscribe!

The team here at Novilar is excited for what apepars to be an amazing 2019! We hope everyone else is also. We had a few announcements to make:

  1. Subscriptions are now cheaper!

    Subscriptions used to be $7 a month, now they are $5 a month. Same great features and benefits (5 crystals a month versus 7 though), just at a much more affortable price. The income from Subscriptions funds development of Novilar. Subscribers receive:
  2. Bank Interest has been reduced!

    We have reduced out bank interest by about 50%. We have been watching the gold for the past several months, and with changes to exploration bringing in more gold, we feel that this reduction will aid in keeping our ecomony stable. Bonuses still stack on the reduced amount and remain.

It is still chilly outside...

Stay warm with new styles!

It is January, and although all the fun holidays are now in the past, the air is still cold and chilly. Well, never fear, Cecil over at the Magnifique Boutique has you covered with an assortment of new apparel choices for this cold wintery season.


He also wants those of you who want to feel more sophisticated to know he also has a new pair of spectacles available as well:

Also, if you are looking to carry winter around with you all year, you will find a new snow flurry for your avatar over in the Festival Stall for the rest of the month as well.

And finally, Claire has some wonderful spectacles available for your pets over at Head to Tails:

So be sure to go get your new apparel while the weather is still cold and chill!

Eagle Guardian Needs YOU!

The Eagle's Nest has returned!

The Eagle's Nest has been spotted! It is full of eggs, so many that the Guardian of January cannot take care of them all? Can you help?

Get your egg today, and get to exploring Novilar for your chance to get an exclusive minipet with a Purification boon!


Also, purification potions are a lot cheaper to craft, now only costing some pure water, and some corrupted (and pure) crystals to create.

Happy New Year!

A great year has gone by...

Happy New Year! ⭐

It is that time of year, when you realize that another year has passed and we are the brink of 2019. Time never ceases to amaze me.

It has been a good year for Novilar. With the wonderful support and care and trust that @runeowl(#2) and @Miranda(#1) placed in me when they handed ownership, to the great support of our members and staff. Bugs squashed, new features added, and great feedback (both wonderful and bad), and always a good time to be had. With an active community on Discord (come say hello!) chatting about the game, and active forums, the community here has grown stronger by the day.

We have come a long way, but next year we move into a period of more great updates, with updated inventory management, improved site events, more bugs squashed, and a battle system in place - and so much more (new crafting?)

I personally am writing this to wish each and every member here on Novilar a very Happy New Year, and hope you all a great 2019. ?

Thanks, @Digital(#3053) 

December Contest Winners

Winter winners announced!

Rewards for the Wolf Coloring Contest were delivered, for those not following that thread, the winners are:

December Contest Winners:

We encourage all members to participate in our contests as they are an easy and free way to win great rewards such as gold and crystals!

Continual Questing and Exploration

Now you can play more freely!

Today marks a change to how quests and exploration works. We updated the UI, now we updated how some things work. We believe this allows players more freedom in choosing how they play.

  • Quests are no longer once per day. You can get a new quest from a guardian an hour after completing/abandoning the previous quest.
  • You can now abandon quests via the Adventure Log. It will cost you 1,000 gold though.
  • Everyone now has a max of 200 steps, and steps regenerate faster. From no steps to 200 will still take about 8 hours (without bonuses), but you will have almost double the free steps.
  • Subscribers get additional step regeneration and 50 additional steps for a total of 250!

Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

Gift of the Bear

Free goodies for everyday in December!

It is the time for snow and fun, if you are the Bear Guardian that is! It is now officially the Festival of the Bear, and that means another year of Gift of the Bear! Everyday, log-in to check the advent calendar and collect your goodies! I hear some new items have been snuck in also ?.