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Happy New Year!

A great year has gone by...

Happy New Year! ⭐

It is that time of year, when you realize that another year has passed and we are the brink of 2019. Time never ceases to amaze me.

It has been a good year for Novilar. With the wonderful support and care and trust that @runeowl(#2) and @Miranda(#1) placed in me when they handed ownership, to the great support of our members and staff. Bugs squashed, new features added, and great feedback (both wonderful and bad), and always a good time to be had. With an active community on Discord (come say hello!) chatting about the game, and active forums, the community here has grown stronger by the day.

We have come a long way, but next year we move into a period of more great updates, with updated inventory management, improved site events, more bugs squashed, and a battle system in place - and so much more (new crafting?)

I personally am writing this to wish each and every member here on Novilar a very Happy New Year, and hope you all a great 2019. ?

Thanks, @Digital(#3053) 

December Contest Winners

Winter winners announced!

Rewards for the Wolf Coloring Contest were delivered, for those not following that thread, the winners are:

December Contest Winners:

We encourage all members to participate in our contests as they are an easy and free way to win great rewards such as gold and crystals!

Continual Questing and Exploration

Now you can play more freely!

Today marks a change to how quests and exploration works. We updated the UI, now we updated how some things work. We believe this allows players more freedom in choosing how they play.

  • Quests are no longer once per day. You can get a new quest from a guardian an hour after completing/abandoning the previous quest.
  • You can now abandon quests via the Adventure Log. It will cost you 1,000 gold though.
  • Everyone now has a max of 200 steps, and steps regenerate faster. From no steps to 200 will still take about 8 hours (without bonuses), but you will have almost double the free steps.
  • Subscribers get additional step regeneration and 50 additional steps for a total of 250!

Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

Gift of the Bear

Free goodies for everyday in December!

It is the time for snow and fun, if you are the Bear Guardian that is! It is now officially the Festival of the Bear, and that means another year of Gift of the Bear! Everyday, log-in to check the advent calendar and collect your goodies! I hear some new items have been snuck in also ?.

Paintbrush Price Reductions!

Now it is much easier to submit skins!


We are happy to announce that starting today, normal Paintbrushes are now 1 Crystal. Deluxe Paintbrushes are now 5 Crystals instead of 10 Crystals, and Crystal Paintbrushes are now 10 Crystals instead of 15 Crystals. This makes creating and submitting skins much more affortable and enjoyable. Go to the Crystal Exchange to get your Paintbrushes today!

Looking for Artists

Apply for the position today!

Novilar is actively seeking an artist to join our staff. ??

 If you feel you can produce art that matches our style, in a timely matter, we would love to hear from you. This is a paid position, part-time in nature, but with things looking up, potientially full time in the near future. If you are interested, please send us an email at with your portfolio or previous work, what you are looking to be paid, and your availability. We would love to chat with you!

October 2018 Contest Winners!

Lot's of wonderful submissions!

The Novilar Staff is excited to announce the winners of the October contests!

This months contests are laid out to be the best yet, with even bigger rewards, and more fun to be had!

Also, you can now remove a submission to a contest at any time, making it possible to then re-submit another submission.

Exploration Update

Improved exploration and purification!

With exploration being a huge part of Novilar, we are proud to announce that it just got a facelift. Now when you explore, you will have an improved view, the ability to purify corrupted pets without leaving the exploration interface, and an overall nicer mobile experience if you happen to use your phone!

This update is designed to allow us to prepare the path towards even more interesting future features (a-la battling maybe?), so stay tuned, and remember to explore!

September Contest Winners

Congratulations to all the participants!

Last month we had a wonderful turnout for our contests we run regularly. We are hoping for even a bigger turnout for October! If you have not submitted a pet, or your avatar, now is the time! If you are artistic and creative, why not submit a skin?

September 2018 Winners:

  • Best Dressed Pet: sWicked owned by BlueRoanie!
  • Avatar Showcase: Solariatigra
  • Skin of the Month: GrayEmber

We will be rewarding the prizes shortly to the winners, and look forward to seeing the awesome submissions coming in October!

The Cackling Witch wants your help...

Are you brave enough to help her?

The Cackling Witch needs your help, are you brave enough?

The Cackling Witch has appeared, and is asking for any and all explorers and adventurers to help her aquire some "Materials" for her sorcery. In return, it is said she is giving away great little bags full of interesting food items that are only available this month. These items, it is said offer unique limited-time boons to aid in exploration. Care to collect all 10 unique items.

She asks for a new materi... minipet every 3 hours, so there are plenty of chances to participate, although you can only participate once per day.

For those too impatient or connected to their Materia..Minipets, you can find these bags for sale for crystals in the Festival Stall as well.