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Festival of Death has Begun!

Let all the spooky fun begin!

Festival of Death has Begun!

It is that time of year where all the spooky, crawly, and dead things rule the land of Novilar! To start off this month in style, new contests are out, and the Festival Stall has a bunch of yummy goodies for you to partake in! Expect much more in store this month as we continue the celebration!

New Goodies in Festival Shop


Big Ball on the River

Nothing says elite better then dressing up on the River
This month is the Festival of the Alligator, so why not celebrate with some Riverboat styles?
Based off the classic riverboat styles of the 20s and 30s, these classy outfits will make step up your fashion game - guaranteed!
We have 4 colors of Ball Gowns available:

We also have a few classy Bowler hats, some nice pants for the gents, and a formal coat so you look dapper.


These can all be found at the Magnifique Boutique!

New Community Moderators

Welcome them aboard, and look forward to the future!
Please welcome our new Community Moderation Team!

In order to support what will be a growing site, a few weeks ago we asked for applications. In response we have chosen two individuals who we feel are the perfect additions to our moderation team. Welcome Owl and Antimoany, who will join Petraea. Their job is to help players that are new the game, as well as bring some awesome new community powered events and fun.

They will also be working with me to increase communication of changes to the site, as well as promote it in a way to draw in new users. I look forward to growing Novilar with them.

Please note, if you submitted an application and were not chosen -- your application has not been discarded, as the site grows, your application will be considered.

Explorer Outfits

Welcome to Jungle!

Delve into the Jungle - In Style!
For a short time (i.e. this month), the Explorers outfit is available in the Festival Shop! This avatar outfit is designed to not only look good, but make sure you can navigate those vines comfortably. Durability guaranteed, and a major must-have for this Festival of the Snake.

Seeking Community Moderators

Want to contribute to Novilar?
We are seeking Community Moderators to develop our Community Team!
Are you interested in being a part of a team to promote, moderate, and build Novilar's community into something great. Live and die by social media, love to promote or engage other players. Then take a look at our Community Moderator Application thread and apply today!

Patreon Rewards now in Crystal Shop

Get them before they are fully retired!
We have released previous Patreon rewards into the Crystal Shop!
The decision has been made to release all previous Patreon only rewards to the Crystal Shop. This decision is to allow them to be obtained by the current player base. By releasing them as Crystal purchases, they retain their rare factor, while still being able to be obtained by players. We feel this is the in the best interests of the currently active player base, and it allows these wonderful assets to be used. Over time these items will be fully retired, but we wanted to give everyone a little chance to get them before we did so.

It's been hot!

Now you can keep nice and cool!
It has been hot outside, summer is definitely in full effect! Now you can keep cool with some wonderful desert ready apparel. The Festival of the Fox may have passed us by, but we do have some late running apparel (and a cool friend) to share.

Friendly Fennec Fox

This little guy is looking to cozy up next to your pet. Get him today in the Festival Stall!

Desert Pet Turbans are in stock!

Keep your pet cool while exploring with this colorful range of Linen Turbans, found in Head to Tail!

Handle the heat in these wonderful desert turbans and tunics!?
These wonderful turbans will keep you shaded from the harsh sun, no matter where you are!

Not to be left out, you can also dress for the desert with these amazing colorful desert tunics also!
These colorful clothes for your avatar can be found at the one and only Magnifique Boutique!

Summer Update

New boons for exploration, new layout, great items!

It is summer and time to have fun in the sun. And if you are going to have fun, you might as well do it in style. We have some items, released a little behind schedule (sorry Lion Guardian!), including a Tribal Shirt for and a Tribal Staff for your avatar, and a Tribal Shield for your pets (all species!). You can find the avatar items in the Magnifique Boutique, and the Shield for sale in Head to Tail.


New Feature and Layout
We released several small updates to the site over the past few weeks, one was a new mailbox to make messaging  users easier. We also improved our item tooltips to be more useful at telling you what an item is useful for. And a new site layout. This new layout has a fresh backend to it, allowing us to iterate and do more with the frontend in the future, which is great stuff. Along with that was another neat feature called Boons.

Boons are extra chances at stuff happening when you explore. They come in different forms, from finding additional gold, a higher chance at purification, finding items, extra step regeneration, to even reducing the rate at which your pets get hungry. Right now boons are only available through Minipets! Each Minipet has a specific "Ability", which grants your active pet a Boon. So make sure your pets have Minipets, and choose your active pet wisely - then get out there and explore.

We will also be expanding our Boon system in the future with food items that can grant temporary boons to an active pet on top of the Minipet boon. Keep your ears to the ground as we will announce that when it happens.

It is the time of the Fox!

The Fox Guardian's time to shine is upon us!
Time of the Fox is Upon Us!

It is that time again, time for the wise and ever slightly curious Fox Guardian to remind us to visit him out in the Desert, and celebrate the best time to be in a barren wasteland of sand and sun!

June Contest Winners
The June Contest winners are in, and they are:
  • DancingFlames (#4739) won the Avatar Fashion Contest, having the most casual summer attire ever!
  • Pet (#602) won the pet apparel contest by looking very comfortable at the beach.
  • Antimoany (#3821) won the skin contest with a Fox that could hide almost anywhere there were cacti!

We will be getting your rewards out to everyone shortly! Congratulations!

Festival Stall Updated!
The Festival Stall has been updated with the necessary goodies like the Mythic Fox Totem, and some wonderful Avatar apparel in the form of Tails.

Goodies to Open

Crates and Bags of Gold!
Do you like to open goodies? We do!


One thing that was recently requested, and that we were totally on board with was more Crates. People like opening stuff, we like opening stuff, and we hope you like opening stuff. So consider this news post one big opening of stuff - new shiny site stuff!

  • Cache of Items will now drop only 4 resource items, this is to further tweak the balancing of the game.
  • Bag of Coins will now be rewarded with quests and offerings to Guardians, these bags contain a good bit of Gold that you can tuck away for a rainy day.
  • The Crystal Shop now contains 3 chests filled with random types of goodies: Chest of Food, Chest of Resources, and Chest of Apparel. These Chests cost Crystals, but are affordable and a good way to find rare apparel, food, or stock up on resources when you just want walk in the Jungle anymore (or you are just tired of all the vines...)
We will be starting to add new items to the game now, as we have gotten through the majority of site issues and have actually gotten ahead on most of the bugs. There will always be issues but we can now squash them as they come along versus running head-long into them. This means new features like these Chests and Crates, which you will start to see used more often.