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Just in Time for Summer

New apparel to make sure you rock the sunny weather!
Just in time for summer, we have some wonderful new swimsuit attire for all of you. These are available in the Magnifique Boutique? for sale.

These are so fabulous, that we had the designer also prepare some goodies for pets, but ssshhh.

Getting Dressed Up!

Look classy at any time of the year!
In our first real content update in a long time, we have some classy new items to get dressed up in.

You can find the Blue Dress, Blue Shoes, Red Dress, Red Shoes, as well as the Black Suit Shirt and Black Suit Pants in the Magnifique Boutique now. While there and if you have the Crystals available, you can purchase a premium Red Polka Dot Dress as well.

Meet Kandis, Lottery Guard

Go make your golds by playing the lottery!
As a fun new feature, we are introducing a new stall in the shop, managed by a friendly guard, Kandis!

Kandis will be selling Lottery tickets for 500 gold each daily. The purchase goes into a pot which is given to one lucky member. Are you lucky?

Good luck everyone!

Fresh Paint

Layout update, allowing for the future
As you all have noticed, a new layer of fresh paint has been rolled out. This design update is designed to clean up navigation (now seen on the left side of the page. Use less screen for things that aren't as important. You will also notice the purple bar at the top of the page now shows your active pet, how many steps you have to explore, and a link to your adventure log. This gives you access to quickly get around to pages that you will interact with often.

Along with the update, is that now the monthly celebrations are much more visible, as this month is all about the Ocean, the theme reflects that. What will next month bring? Hmmm.

This is the only the beginning, we are still working on some more changes in the next few weeks to continue to streamline and make this new layout rock even more. So stay tuned!

Pet Classified Updates!

Find the perfect pet, or breed with confidence!
Pet Classifieds are now limited to runs of 1 week!
We decided to limit the amount of time a pet can be listed for sale or breeding to 1 week periods. After 1 week, your pet's ad will expire and you will have to edit them to set a price. The purpose behind this change is to keep the classifieds up to date, and make it easier for users to bind breeding partners who are active.

Other notable changes
  • Your active pet has now gotten a little better at managing their hunger, and will not become hungry so fast!
  • Interest rates in the bank have been improved greatly.
  • You will notice the cost of expanding your territory is a little cheaper.
  • If you purchase a pregnant pet, their offspring are now owned by you, not the person that sold it.
  • You can now filter your territory to specific species.
  • When using an item, your active pet is listed first.
  • You will now notice a new way to show when you collect gold or items when exploring.
New apparel coming in the next update!
The next news update will feature some new content in the form of some awesome clothing submitted by shilgiia! If you are an artist, and have ideas for more human apparel, you can now find the bases in the #artistic channel on our Discord!

Game Updates and Contests!

Spring has arrived, and summer is sooner then we think!
Bug Fixes
As many of you who have come back have noticed we have been incredibly busy on the site, fixing it up and in some cases fixing bugs, in other cases improving areas of the site. There are a ton of fixes, way too much to list here. To see our list of bug fixes, check out this forum thread.

Chat is now on Discord
As some of you have noticed, the chat has returned, but is now different. We have moved from a hosted chat, to a chat that powered by Discord. We are quickly developing a great amount of users that are hanging around Discord all the time, and activity is booming! Come join us and say hello! (P.S. It appears Digital lurks around on Discord!)

Meet Karin, your friendly Market Guide!
Ever wonder if someone is selling something? Where to find that Totem you are looking for without bothering some busy Guardian? Look no further, Karin is here to help you find what you are looking for. She is friendly, and knows just about every User shop around! Go say hello and give her a try!

Skin of the Month Contest Returns!
The Skin of the Month contest has returned, this time in preparation for Festival of the Lion in June! Submit your Lion skin this month for a chance at great prizes! This competition see's an increase in rewards from previous competitions. Check out this thread for more information. Good luck everyone!

Avatar Fashion Showcase has arrived!
The Avatar Fashion Showcase has started. This is a monthly contest to see just how much your avatar can dress to impress the Guardians. This month's theme is The Ocean, so get out those mermaid tails, or ocean colors and strut your stuff for a great chance at prizes. Check out this thread for more information.

Bug Fixes

Fixing all the broken things
I wanted to give a quick update on some bug fixes that have already made it live.

  • Cat's got some love with 3 (found) items that actually didn't have apparel for them. These are golden necklaces, golden earrings, and the pirate flag. If your Cat craves the high seas, they can now get their swashbuckling on!
  • The bank now actually wants your gold and crystals.
  • Less issues with exploring now, as we fixed an issue with the generation of certain encounters.
  • More to come!
To improve and catch bugs that cause fatal errors, we now log all exceptions and can look into them more proactively. If you find a bug, please report it to the Bug Reporting forum, or create a ticket in the Modbox!

Back through the Portal

A new bright future and important updates!
?Dear Novilar,

We come with some very exciting (and for us, bittersweet) news. Please read on carefully for a major update on Novilar returning to active development!

As I'm sure you remember, Miranda and I were forced to put Novilar on hiatus a couple months ago due to our rapidly decreasing free time due to real-life jobs and other obligations.

A little ways into the hiatus, we sat down and had a very serious conversation about what we could do to make sure Novilar becomes what we dreamed of, and what everyone in our beautiful little community has worked so hard together to achieve. We realized that there wasn't a foreseeable end to our newly busy schedules, and we couldn't put in the time that the site needs like we could in the beginning.

As a result, we came to the conclusion that we may not be what's best for Novilar any longer, and keeping too tight a grip on our "baby" may actually slowly destroy it. So, in an effort to do what's best for you, the community, and for Novilar's future... we are pleased to announce Novilar's new owner, Digital! We have transferred full ownership to Digital, and Novilar's future is in his capable hands from here on. We chose very deliberately among potential new owners in order to make sure Novilar was in a good position to continue development. We'll see you all around, this time as a simple founders and normal players!

With love,
Miranda and runeowl

To learn more about Digital, as well as the immediate updates, check out the thread he created: Back through the Portal.

What is Novilar?

Video by Pet Simmer Julie

Important Update

Please read!
Hello Novilar Community,

We wanted to provide a more concrete answer as to what our plans are moving forward.

As you know, we've been struggling hard to resolve some fundamental issues with the server and with the site itself - sitewide image glitches and backend brick walls have greeted us at every turn, and we've still yet to resolve them after months of research and effort. Due to our own personal finnancial issues, we have little choice but to place Novilar in something of a hiatus as we work to pay our basic bills. Novilar is quite an achievement, for all of us, and it's not going away - we don't want such a precious site to die. We're simply unable to dedicate the hours it needs at this time. We don't intend for this to last forever, though! We want to see Novilar finished one day, just can't promise to dedicate that time today. Bills have to be paid, and we can't put off our IRL work any longer.

We thank you all for sticking with us through the ups and downs. Please do note that when we return, ALL patreon items will be delivered, no matter how long it takes to do so, we swear on our honor. You're of course free to discontinue, and we would expect you to - but if there's even just one patron who chooses to remain a patron through the hiatus, that user will get each and every month's custom item(s) sent in bulk as promised. We would deliver the rewards up until now, but the backend bugs prevent us from doing so.

We'll see you on the other side!
Rune and Miranda