Auriferous (#10991)

RubyMad's horse

Auriferous #10991
Basic Information
Name: Auriferous Level: 1
Owner: RubyMad Strength: 6
Sex: Male Speed: 7
Age: 1112 days Cunning: 4
Species: Horse Endurance: 30
Offspring 23 Fertility: 56

Owner's Description
As soon as you enter the territory you are nearly bowled over by a young horse. For a moment you are quite startled, thinking that he was an actual skeleton, but upon feeling his smooth coat and living warmth you realize he is not a threat. He sniffs along you hands curiously. He seems to want you to pet him. You do, he seems to really enjoy your touch. 

"That's Auriferous. He's one of the more friendly of this territory." Ruby says with a smile. 

"Auriferous? That's an odd name." You say.  

Ruby laughs, "Yes, it means "containing gold" in Latin, skeleton patterns are quite rare you know. He'll be useful for breeding." 
Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Mane Color
Manetip Color
Hooves Color

Fullbody: Skeleton
Head: Blaze
Back: Saddle
Belly: Ticking
Eyes: Freckles
Legs: Stockings
Lemur Minipet
Lemur Minipet