Patina (#11445)

EPICdragon99's snake

Patina #11445
Basic Information
Name: Patina Level: 1
Owner: EPICdragon99 Strength: 4
Sex: Female Speed: 8
Age: 1797 days Cunning: 6
Species: Snake Endurance: 20
Offspring 4 Fertility: 0

Closed for Breeding
Owner's Description
        Favored Items: Lilies, Gold Ore, Pure                                          Crystals, Small Bones

     Patina considers herself a priestess of the Snake Guardian, and before she met Epic, was a wanderer who lived a lifestyle most similar to that of a wild snake. This was simply out of necessity, however; She is incapable of building a shelter of her own, and git lost easily evading the dangers of the Jungle, which made it difficult to make her monthly return to the Snake's altar.
     When they met, Epic took Patina with her to the altar; they had mysteriously crossed paths seconds after her arrival, and Epic figured she could be a clue in her quest for answers.
     Patina now stays with Epic in her shelter, which provides safety, as well as a single place to return to from a single route to the altar.
     Patina can be quite cat-like in behavior: She carries herself with confidence and a tad of haughty pride, and can be distant at first. She doesn't particularly like being petted or "snoot-booped," but she's content to curl around an arm or neck from time to time (humans are warm). 
     Her priestess duties really only include creating primitive charms (which is difficult to do with no arms, but she manages) to ward away corruption and bringing prey, gold ore, and the occasional Death Feather to the Snake's altar every new moon. Despite seeming high-and-mighty, she is kind-hearted and will help any snake in need. Non-snakes are difficult to help, since she doesn't know their needs very well, and she isn't always quite as sympathetic to non-snakes, especially eagles. Epic has been a good influence on her in this regard, however, and has taught her to be more open-minded outside of her own species.
Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Tongue Color

Fullbody: Spots
Back: Fawn
Belly: Belly
Eyes: Eyeshadow
Free: Halfstripe
Red Squirrel Minipet
Red Squirrel Minipet