Orion (#12109)

Marie's deer

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Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Hooves Color
Antlers Color

Head: Blaze
Neck: Collar
Back: Fawn
Belly: Belly
Eyes: Eyeshadow
Legs: Stockings
Tail: Under Tail
Ears: Inside Ear
Basic Information
Name: Orion Level: 1
Owner: Marie Strength: 4
Gender: Male Speed: 8
Age: 834 days Cunning: 5
Species: Deer Endurance: 30
Offspring 0 Fertility: 10

Closed for Breeding
Orion has 2 items!
Gold Earrings Snowdrift
Brown Bat
Brown Bat
Star Ripple Skin
Star Ripple Skin
Upon the vast night skies, lies a constellation. A deer; depicted as "Orion."  Now, the buck lies in reality. He has pieces of the galaxy itself, upon his natural coat. His antlers are said to be made from stars; stars that will never collapse. 

Orion is depicted as a quiet, timid buck. He is quiet, as he is powerful. He will fiercely protect those he cares for; while still obtaining the calm, and timid nature of his species. He's gentle, and knows how to cooperate, and settle a fight without physical injury.