Galaxy (#130728)

GalaxyDragonzz's eagle

Galaxy #130728
Basic Information
Name: Galaxy Level: 1
Owner: GalaxyDragonzz Strength: 5
Sex: Female Speed: 7
Age: 30 days Cunning: 4
Species: Eagle Endurance: 40
Offspring 2 Fertility: 0
Source: Totem

Closed for Breeding
Owner's Description

Galaxy is a beautiful purple Eagle who has the color of galaxy. She might be the only Eagle in the entire world who resembles a galaxy and was hatched under one.

Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Claws Color
Beak Color

Fullbody: Spots
Head: Blaze
Neck: Throat
Back: Fawn
Belly: Belly
Eyes: Eyeshadow
Legs: Socks
Tail: Tail
Wings: Wing Gradient
Free: Gradient
Free: Tail Tip
Free: Halfstripe
Bluebird Minipet
Bluebird Minipet
Basic Purple Scene
Basic Purple Scene
Blue Leaf Crown
Blue Leaf Crown
Gold Earrings
Gold Earrings
Pharaoh Necklace
Pharaoh Necklace