Bema (#137860)

Ruatani's horse

Bema #137860
Basic Information
Name: Bema Level: 1
Owner: Ruatani Strength: 6
Sex: Male Speed: 7
Age: 245 days Cunning: 4
Species: Horse Endurance: 30
Offspring 3 Fertility: 15
Source: Totem

Closed for Breeding
Owner's Description

Bema was the first horse to roam the plains, created by the Guardian to bring all those who wander to her. Not all who wander are lost, however, and some decided to stay with the great stallion. This was the creation of the first herd.

Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Mane Color
Manetip Color
Hooves Color

Head: Blaze
Legs: Socks
Tail: Tail
Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane
Pharaoh Bracelets
Pharaoh Bracelets