Rhoeo (#37535)

Kattata's wolf

Rhoeo #37535
Basic Information
Name: Rhoeo Level: 15
Owner: Kattata Strength: 10
Sex: Male Speed: 7
Age: 869 days Cunning: 11
Species: Wolf Endurance: 234
Offspring 0 Fertility: 0

Closed for Breeding
Owner's Description
I love my partner, because that is what wolves are for.

But ... nowhere in the lore—that we were taught as pups, to someday teach our own pups, and then their pups, and on and on and on down countless generations (until, at last, Sköll devoured the sun, depending on which aspect of the lore you believed)—nowhere in these oral traditions was it ever howled that we could not form our own opinions of our masters, so long as we remained respectful, and kept these opinions quiet.

My partner, though ... her name is Kat. I believe it is short for something ridiculous—ridiculous for a human girl that is—and although deceptions do not come easily to me, I think she was likely giving a false name. I can't tell human ages, never have and likely never will, but if my brother held his fangs to my throat to force some response, I would say that she was either a careful, soft thirty (and the cigarette jutting jauntily from one corner of her lips proffered plenty of protest there), or an incredibly hard-lived twenty.

There's no easy way to explain this: she talked to herself. Argued with herself, really—I'd not be all that concerned about the fighting, because humans vocalize the things they didn't say, the things they wished they'd been able to ... 

"One time, I'd walked into her little cottage from outside, dragging with me a haunch of venison. I dropped it at her feet and looked up at her, tail wagging, expecting praise, or ... or at least acknowledgement? And instead I got ...

"Peppermint isn't even a plant," Kat snapped, her rough tone suggesting this had been going on for some time. "You can do better than that," snarled Kat, in her first voicer. "We're not naming him Peppermint."

Shaking my head heavily, I left again, to run off some extra energy I'd built up spending so much time in the house. I'd get to find out what my new name was sooner or later, I guessed.
Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Nose Color
Pawpads Color
Claws Color

Fullbody: Stripes
Neck: Collar
Back: Saddle
Eyes: Eyeshadow
Rhoeo has no items.