Darko (#40478)

HappyBuddy's bear

Darko #40478
Basic Information
Name: Darko Level: 1
Owner: HappyBuddy Strength: 8
Sex: Male Speed: 4
Age: 832 days Cunning: 6
Species: Bear Endurance: 70
Offspring 1 Fertility: 0

Owner's Description
He's a big evil-looking bear, but he's actually very nice! he love's everyone and everything. He's too kind for his own good. 
Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Nose Color
Claws Color

Head: Blaze
Neck: Throat
Belly: Belly
Eyes: Eyespots
Legs: Socks
Free: Gradient
Free: Toes
Sun Conure Minipet
Sun Conure Minipet
Pirate Cutlass
Pirate Cutlass
Pirate Hat
Pirate Hat