Ruby (#51228)

heyitsmemelissa's cat

Ruby #51228
Basic Information
Name: Ruby Level: 1
Owner: heyitsmemelissa Strength: 4
Sex: Female Speed: 4
Age: 810 days Cunning: 9
Species: Cat Endurance: 30
Offspring 8 Fertility: 63

Closed for Breeding
Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Nose Color

Fullbody: Brindle
Head: Muzzle
Neck: Throat
Back: Dapple
Belly: Dust
Eyes: Freckles
Legs: Okapi
Ears: Inside Ear
Free: Halfstripe
Free: Tail Tip
Nova the Cat
Nova the Cat
Haunted Wood Scene
Haunted Wood Scene
Cat Bell
Cat Bell