Nameless (#56824)

Poptarts's fox

Nameless #56824
Basic Information
Name: Nameless Level: 1
Owner: Poptarts Strength: 2
Sex: Male Speed: 8
Age: 1070 days Cunning: 8
Species: Fox Endurance: 20
Offspring 74 Fertility: 29

Closed for Breeding
Owner's Description

Nameless is an ancient vampire and Oracle. Nobody knows their name, therefore, referring to them as "The Oracle" or "Nameless". People often seek solace with Nameless when in need of guidance and what is to come in their future. 

Nameless lives in solitude deep within the mountains spending the time reading and learning all about the world and its mysteries. 

It is speculated that Nameless was alive since 24 AD and was originally turned during the Roman Empire right before the fall of Ephesus. Out of all the years, they walked the Earth Nameless had only sired five people with only two remaining alive. 



Before they were changed Nameless was a famous scholar and philosopher. Some believe Nameless's name was Ouranos de Vlahakis after finding old literature scattered about Nameless's sanctuary. 

Nameless died after being drafted into the Roman army, as they lay dying from blood loss they were turned by their mentor who couldn't bear to lose such a beautiful mind and relationship partner. 

After being turned Nameless and their sire, fled the empire to begin a new life. 500 years later both had split apart after Nameless became infatuated with a great artist and architect and turned him. 

Eventually Nameless sired five more children. Four, unfortunately, dying from complications or being hunted. Nameless became blinded in both eyes during a battle with their sire when both had met. 


Nameless's powers

1. Seeing into the future, heightened senses, immortality, ability to turn others, pyrokinesis, super speed, super strength, persuasion, super healing, photographic memory (can remember everything in complete detail)


Nameless's Children

1.  Alphonse de Vlahakis (Great Architect and Artist) 

2. Rameses de Vlahakis (Alchemist, highly intellectual)

3. Agiel de Vlahakis (Daughter of a wealthy businessman, ran away from an arranged marriage. Wonderful opera singer and pianist.)

4. Rosmerta de Vlahakis (Exotic Dancer)

5. Zachariah Cathal (Ex-Slave)

5.Feng de Vlahakis (A young monk, a wonderful poet, and scholar)

Fun facts:

1. Follower of Paganism

2. Only drinks the blood of intellectuals and those who hold artistic talent. 

3. Omnisexual goes by they/them

4. Had a biological son before turning that died from a fever. 

5. Scholar and philosopher who had written many books in the past. 

6. Has a non-vampiric apprentice who reads writings to them. 

7. Can only see the future during the cresent moon. 


Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Nose Color

Fullbody: Skeleton
Head: Blaze
Back: Appaloosa
Belly: Belly
Eyes: Freckles
Legs: Stockings
Tail: Under Tail
Ears: Inside Ear
Golden Beetle
Golden Beetle
The Oracle skin
The Oracle skin
Rivers Scene
Rivers Scene