Tempus (#63621)

PepperMint's wolf

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Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Nose Color
Pawpads Color
Claws Color

Belly: Belly
Legs: Stockings
Free: Tail Tip
Free: Gradient
Basic Information
Name: Tempus Level: 1
Owner: PepperMint Strength: 5
Gender: Male Speed: 5
Age: 189 days Cunning: 5
Species: Wolf Endurance: 50
Offspring 1 Fertility: 0

Closed for Breeding
Tempus has 3 items!
Snowman Winter Furred Cloak Snow Flurry
Flame Phoenix
Flame Phoenix
Winterborn Wolf
Winterborn Wolf

Tempus is a wolf of many colours; both metahorically and literally. The young wolf grew his fur in a way that shifted and changed along with the seasons, in winter a cooling blue tint, in summer a bright red, etc. 

A lone wolf in a territory of birds, deer, and small swimming beasts, he rarely speaks to any of the other animals. Despite this, his love for the animals grows with each passing day, and he would gladly sacrifice himself for the survival of the territory. 

Tempus lives in an isolated part of the territory, where a small rock lifts a greater one into the sky, as his cosy home is beneath the large rock. Protected from the rain and heat in his tiny shelter, he is a very happy friend.