Rameses (#67466)

Verenacafern's deer

Rameses #67466
Basic Information
Name: Rameses Level: 4
Owner: Verenacafern Strength: 6
Sex: Male Speed: 14
Age: 911 days Cunning: 5
Species: Deer Endurance: 33
Offspring 0 Fertility: 0

Closed for Breeding
Owner's Description

You are safe, you are important, and you are loved.
Today will pass, you will be happy again.

Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color
Hooves Color
Antlers Color

Neck: Collar
Back: Appaloosa
Belly: Belly
Legs: Stockings
Ears: Ear
Golden (Revised) skin
Golden (Revised) skin
Gold Necklace
Gold Necklace
Pharaoh Sash
Pharaoh Sash