StainedVelvet (#93594)

PepperMint's rabbit

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StainedVelvet #93594
Colors and Markings
Base Color
Eye Color

Head: Blaze
Neck: Throat
Back: Dorsal
Belly: Belly
Legs: Stockings
Ears: Inside Ear
Free: Halfspot
Free: Tail Tip
Basic Information
Name: StainedVelvet Level: 1
Owner: PepperMint Strength: 1
Gender: Male Speed: 8
Age: 33 days Cunning: 3
Species: Rabbit Endurance: 30
Offspring 5 Fertility: 0

StainedVelvet has 0 items!
Flame Phoenix
Flame Phoenix
Lunar Leaper Skin
Lunar Leaper Skin
Mountains Scene
Mountains Scene

Brought home on a day where the skies were filled with rain and the ground a mess of mud, this rabbit was eager to find a place sheltered from the storms of the North. His skin is tinted red to cope with the red atmosphere near the volcanic mountain, and fur stained a light orange from the dastardly dust. 


Vel spends the majority of his time hopping around with his partner, Gold, and has built himself a rather humble reputation among the territory. Despite having a partner, Vel does enjoy venturing beyond the territory to find other means of production.