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HELLO U GOOBERS. I'm in the chat a lot (did you know Novilar has a Discord server? Link!) so I figured I would answer questions lurkers might have.

ALWAYS BUYING SNOW & SHRUB BERRIES :) For idk like 1000g each??
I'm 28, in WA, and I do permitting as a money-making thing. This means chatting between my company's clients and the cities they wish to work in to coordinate construction, get maps, etc etc. My company makes blueprints and engineers stuff :)

In my free time, besides Novilar, I enjoy writing, doodling, chatting, games, watching horror movies or any movie really, riling up my two ferrets, or thinking about how I'm not doing dishes right now.

I joined with @Petraea and @Werewoofer and they are my Girl Squad.

I don't know what else to put here, so if you want me to put something else in here, please do so. :D

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