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"AngelCnder ( Cnder is pronouced Sss'nder like a snake or slythuim for example. )"

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Hey! I am AngelCnder! Welcome to my profile, I am new and excited to be here. :) Plus excited to some day, make my own pet site like this in the near future. I am  an artist, animator ( you can see my animation, I did above there, it is a bit rushed. XD I animate better than that I swear! ) I am a beginner game designer, working on a game inspire off from Spyro the dragon ( classic. Sorry I like the canon. ^ ^" ) Only it is not a dragon game, but my own species called Dream Rayverns. ( Raverns.) If you want to check out my website about my game, feel free to PM!

Oh, and I have a split personality. :P Which is where Angel Cnder comes in. ( You can see them below.)

I do many other things, but I don't want to have my profile be over flow. XD So yeah, gonna leave it there.

Anyway feel free to PM and add me as a friend! I love meeting new people! ^-^


Angel is the white Dream Rayvern, and Cnder is the right one.

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