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Just call me, DW. Is an Aussie, will love collecting all the mini pets and shares an account on Aywas with Yuu #20

Wish list:-
Lower Tier: Gold, Explore items, Estrogen/Testosterone Extracts, Fertility Brew, Sex Change Potion, Life/Death Feathers, Cache of Items.
Higher Tier: QuickBirth Potion, Unlock the Cave, Unlock the Blossoms, Warpaint Dye, Patreon Key, Premium Card, Any Mythic Totems.

Super High Tier*: Life/Death Totems, Premium Gold Card
Crazy Tier*: Wandering Raccoon, Spotted Squirrel, Young Boar, Dutch Hare, Nova the Cat, Classy Octopus, Lab Mouse, Hedgehog Minipet, Albino Hedgehog

* Thanks for looking, but you don't have to get me any of these.

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Love you too, Yuu.
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