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Hey, there.  Name's Essy-G.

Not sure what happened, or how exactly I got here.  I barely even remember where I was before, but I know it was somewhere far away.  I vaguely remember something about taking a walk . . . (a hike?) and then, poof!  Here I am in this massive, vibrant forest at the hooves of a great deer.  He's some sort of Guardian, a creature that protects and rules over a certain territory in this land.  When I awoke, he spoke to me, and left me a totem.  With it, I summoned a pet, my companion in this strange place. Together we shall explore these lands high and low, and perhaps we can piece together where I came from, how I got here, and how to stop the corruption that seems to be eating this place alive.

Oh, you want to know more about me personally?  Well, there's not much to tell.  I'm 20, into art and animals, and am now suddenly smack-dab inh the middle of . . . wherever this is.

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