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Hey, im jelli. 

server time +2 hours
fav. color: purple
fav. class: history
fav. hobby: beta testing for another game
fav. activity: band (i play trumpet)

feel free to talk, i dont bite.

I suggested the Platinum Patreon Key!

thought i would do this so...
Sending you three ladybeetles. -Akemibara
asdfjaklsjlagf dang it... -Akemibara
You remind me of myself when I was 13, and it's frightening. -Akemibara
behold... I bestow upon you, Arnold The Holy Raisin. -LapisLazuliWolf
Plot twist, luke is the father. -myself 
Oh gosh my mind is going places they shouldnt. -Poptarts
Ake, I'll have you know that I was picturing you in bed with five fish. -Yuu
eat all the sass flowers. -Haunted
All ya'll links laggin' my computer. Too many baby makin' -Akemibara

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