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Heeey! I'm Leek, 21, F, +3 hours server time.

The majority of my male pets are up for studding. If you see an unlisted one that you want to use, PM me!

When I'm not browsing the Internet for virtual pet sites, I'm probably at work, hanging out with friends, or sinking into one of my favorite hobbies:


Writing: Primarily fantasy fiction, generally YA. I write with the intention of finishing a novel one day. ;P

Reading: I tend to read what I write; lately I've been delving more into Adult fiction though. 

Video games (PC unless otherwise stated): Rainbow Six Siege; Sims 2; Rocket League; Elder Scrolls; Fallout; AoE 2; Rimworld; Pokemon (GBA/DS/PC fangames): RDR2 (PS4, no spoilers please!); Final Fantasy (love 10 and 15), and maaany others. 


I'm always down to meet new people and chat about hobbies (or whatever else). 

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scouteroo2 (#6929) wrote:

ur pets are STUNNING

April 27th, 2020 11:10:32 AM


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