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Hi, I'm Linette!  I'm an artist from New York. I love animals and nature, especially aquatic life and invertebrates. Some of my favorite things are nature, synthwave, art, dragons, my cat, and chocolate. Feel free to talk to me!  Even send a friend request once you've introduced yourself; I'd love to make some friends here! I'm also on Flight Rising. Oh, and also I do commissions! Prices are still very vague but here is my DA Gallery.

If you would like to breed any of my pets just ask!


Wishlist: Orange Toreador


My favorite album. I love synthwave so much.


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KittyWolf1012 (#6161) wrote:

Hi! I’m kind of new here, I was wondering how you make your animals look like corrupted animals. I also wanted to say your art is amazing, I draw a bit myself.

September 5th, 2019 8:57:11 AM


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