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Cywen (#8989) wrote:

Thank you again. Very happy with Wyrd's newborn, had the exact markings and colours I was hoping for. Searching for a fitting name for the baby fox.

December 22nd, 2021 12:49:44 AM

Cywen (#8989) wrote:

Thank you very much or placing Wyrd up. I wanted to use one of my male horses to breed to her but ended up using one of my male foxes called Aspencloud which I recently bought because I loved his colouring.

December 15th, 2021 3:44:51 PM

Cywen (#8989) wrote:

Hi, may I breed one of my male horses to Wyrd, please? I love her backstory.

December 14th, 2021 12:52:58 AM

Cywen (#8989) wrote:

Hi, just saw you have need more horse totems. I occasionally have spares hanging around in my inventory so sent you one. Consider it a gift.

October 10th, 2021 7:06:18 AM

PepperMint (#1911) wrote:

Oh my goodness, your watermelon horse is absolutely amazing! I am genuinely astounded by how well you managed to mix the patterns on that! 

June 8th, 2020 1:07:56 PM

scouteroo2 (#6929) wrote:


April 29th, 2020 2:50:29 PM

scouteroo2 (#6929) wrote:

ur pets look AMAZING 

April 27th, 2020 11:09:42 AM

Spazz (#6715) wrote:

Heyyyy you said you needed more horse totems, are you wanting to buy or trade for some? :)

April 16th, 2020 10:18:22 AM

WingsofLove (#6671) wrote:

Moondust was on the home page. Very cool pet :)



April 5th, 2020 9:53:55 AM

WingsofLove (#6671) wrote:

Raven was on the home page. What a lovely pet. :)



April 4th, 2020 12:01:09 PM

PepperMint (#1911) wrote:

Love your avatar! It really matches your username :o

February 5th, 2020 12:13:45 AM


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