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Hello, I am Moderator Poptarts and it is wonderful to meet you. If you have any questions about the website feel free to contact me through a private message, discord or through the mod-box. I have an extensive about me in hopes to make the player base get to know their moderator better. :)

About me:

=I am in college, I am currently majoring in psychology and plan on becoming a clinical psychologist. My old goal was to be an orthopedic surgeon but figured I would enjoy the field of psychology instead.

=If I ever come off as rude or upset please keep in mind that it is hard to understand feelings through text, it isn't my intention to ever come across in a negative way nor is it the case that I am trying to be disrespectful. 

Favorite Color(s): White, Pink, Yellow
I liked yellow back in kindergarten, then began liking white in sixth grade then taken a liking to pink around highschool.

Favorite Animal(s): Dragon, Dog, Fox
My main favorite species of dogs are Mastiff breeds. My favorite species of fox is the arctic fox. 

Favorite Food(s): Sushi, Anything Soup, Sea Food.
I use to be a vegetarian for 7 years, slowly getting used to eating meat again, though I will not touch pork or beef, though it is still rare I eat meat. I do cook with it though for my family if requested.

Favorite Movie(s): Tv Show(s): I don't like movies or tv shows, but I do enjoy scary movies and tv shows that are supernatural. 

Favorite Supernatural Creature(s): Dragons and Vampires. 

Favorite Season(s): Spring and Autumn.

Favorite Holiday(s): Thanksgiving.

Favorite Musical Instrument(s): Piano and Violin. When I was in elementary my favorite was the flute. 

Favorite Music Genre(s): I enjoy Broadway musicals and Hardrock. Country is my least favorite music. 

Favorite Book(s): Gorean Saga, Vampire based books and psychology books. 

Favorite Leisure Activities: Sleeping, listening to music, having deep philosophical thoughts, procrastinating. 

Guilty Pleasure(s): Listening to childhood cartoon song openings, videogame soundtracks or Disney songs. Playing childhood video games such as Pajama Sam, SpyFox, Spyro, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Harvest Moon, Jak and more. I tend to wallow in nostalgia. Quizilla was one of the main parts of my childhood. 


=I am a hard-worker despite having a horrible illness called procrastination. Usually, I am less likely to procrastinate when it is a task for someone else such as a job or a task. 
=I am fairly a quiet person in real life and it takes me a while to warm up to people as I am cautious and highly observant. Though I find myself far more talkative when it comes to online since I feel safe since I am anonymous.
=I am very laid back and rarely get upset.
=I am a very open-minded person and love listening to people's ideas and thoughts on the world. 
=I am more of a peacemaker and try to understand both sides of the story and make others understand each other, though I pretty much keep to myself now. 

=I am highly loyal which can be my downfall. 
=I tend to speak my mind and can be brutally honest, though it is only in real life. 
=I suffer from a horrible illness known as procrastination.
=I worry too much about what people think of me.
=I can sometimes be a bit judgmental when it comes to befriending people in real life, mostly because I fear rejection or being talked about by them. 

-I do assist in paying for Territory Expansions. 

-I do give FREE resources

-I do give Free offspring

These are all random, I usually will randomly help people in the Discord chat if they are seeking gold for expanding, resources or babies. (Usually I will offer Free offspring randomly)
Personality: INFJ-A
Birthday: October 15th


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Thank you so much for the purchases you made in my shop! I appreciate the business! :)

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Your pet is amazing! So its your avatar! I hope one of these days I can get a custom one ;u;

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He's not a fursona, but thank you. c:

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I'm so jealous of your amazing avatar! I happen to be a huge fan of the plague doctor aesthetic ♥

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