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"Bow down and profess your love unto me. Or I shall destroy you."

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If I breed with one of your pets and I delete the offspring and you did not wish me to delete any of the offspring please send me a message so I know not to breed with your pets. :P I often sell or release them if I need more room to breed with more pets or don't have interest in their markings.  If I do breed with your pets even after you told me not to delete the offspring please feel free to decline my request, I often don't check the user and blindly breed with everything I can get my hands on.

Hello. I'm Poptarts, and it's good to meet anyone whom stumbles upon my profile. I'm a Freshmen in college. My current major is Science though I plan on switching it to pre-medical when I transfer colleges. I'm hoping to become and Orthopedic Surgeon or at least a surgeon in general. I do enjoy psychology though. X3

About me:
Favorite color: White/Pink/Yellow
Favorite Animal:Arctic Fox/Dog/Dragon

Favorite Food: Chinese Food/Sea Food. I don't eat any other meat aside from sea food. I dislike fast-food,cake,cookies,brownies,cupcakes,pie and pretty much every other pastry, though I do like lemon poppy seed muffins and pecan pie (I only like the filling). I like making food by scratch instead of purchasing it already made at a store. I enjoy making my own soups and bread. I sometimes make home-made dressing even though I rarely use it. I also dislike apples.

Favorite Music: I love hard rock and Broadway musicals. And I sometimes listen to Disney songs when in the mood or the openings to children shows back in the 90's to bring back nostalgia lol.

Favorite Band: Disturbed and Starset. I also like Sia even though she isn't a band.

Favorite TV show and movie: I love Supernatural and I love Silent Hill. I enjoy scary movies, though I don't really find scary movies that scary.
Fav Sport: Volleyball (Though I'm not good at it lol)

Personality type: INFJ-A 


I play EggCave my username is Poptarts. (Eggcave is a pretty nice site. :3)
The most reoccurring dream I have is  my laptop breaking in various ways.
I actually dislike poptarts.


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