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I'm Icy, the random fan girl in waaaay too many fandoms. (Sort of.)

Some include: Homestuck, Warrior cats, RWBY, Undertale, Pokemon, Sonic, various anime, etc. 

I'm into all forms, of art. Dancing (especially), theater, painting, poetry, you name it, but my favorite forms involve sketching and writing. That being said, I know some of my stories a rocky at best. I'm working on improving, but any advice is good advice.

What else am I into? I like old, out of date technology (because yeah I'm that weirdo), old movies, webcomics in general, hunting, swimming, and rock music. Mostly alternative, metal core, you know the harsher stuff. Some club music and pop to. Not so much pop anymore, though. 3 Favorite bands are Linkin Park, FallOut Boy, and Skillet. Top pop artists are less defined, but include P!nk, Simon Curtis, Katy Perry, and

Yes, I hunt, but country music drives me up the wall.
Nice to meet you.

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I am the first frost of winter. Here for a moment, bringing a flash of crystalline white beauty before I'm gone once more.
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