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About Valentino

Hello, and welcome to my profile!


My name is Autumn, but you can call me Valentino.

I am a mid-20 something young woman who lives in the USA in the Sunshine State.

I work in retail at a hardware store full-time so I have limited time for fun.

I have a love for Big cats, cats, wolves, foxes and horses.

I also used to run an in-home Kitten Rescue but recently had to stop due to my Mom's health.
I will be continuing Kitten Rescue once I move out... sometime.


Do I have pets?

Yes. Currently have ten cats and two dogs.

Cats- Latte, Oso, Ozette, Hailey,
Harlo, Synni, Daija, Remi,
Milo and Cole.

Dogs- CocoPuffz and Quincy


What are some things I like?

List things here eventually.


Where else can you find me?

  • Neopets
  • Subeta
  • Flight Rising

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I love you!

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